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13 Sex Educators are Teaching People what they really need to know when it comes to Sex
13 Sex Educators are Teaching People what they really need to know when it comes to Sex

NEW DELHI, Aug 23 (TIWN): The United States is known (and mocked in many Western countries) for having an abysmal sexual education system, particularly in public schools.

Education regarding sexuality encompasses many forms and angles, and learning about consent and destigmatization is essential to move forward with a healthier, happier, safer society. While the vast majority of Americans support comprehensive sex education covering topics like puberty, STDs, and contraception (96 percent of parents according to Planned Parenthood's latest poll), we don't have federally mandated sex education; that means sex education is left up to the whims of individual states and school districts. Only 15 states require medically accurate sex education and only 18 states mandate education on birth control. Only a fifth of middle schools and less than half of high schools are teaching the sexual health curriculums the CDC recommends as "essential" for healthy development. 

Numerous respected medical and health organizations support structured sex education, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization. Studies show that comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education at every age group reduces the likelihood of teen pregnancy and results in teenagers waiting until they're older to have sex. 

But! There are people out there doing their best to help us all understand sex and our bodies a little bit more. Here are some diverse, sex-positive educators and activists fighting the good fight and making America a safer place to play that you should know about!

Dedicated "sexpert," educator, and activist Michelle Hope puts her postgraduate training in sexuality to use as a veteran speaker with nearly two decades of experience working in marginalized urban communities. Hope works to connect POC communities with equitable, safe sex education and address common stigmas associated with sex. She has been featured in numerous shows and podcasts such as Power105.1's The Breakfast Club, Roland Martin Unfiltered, BET Black Coffee, Dr. Brenda Wade Modern Love, and Angela Yee's Lip Service. 


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