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Parineeti Chopra shares tips on how to be the best fan
Parineeti Chopra shares tips on how to be the best fan

Mumbai, April 3 (TIWN) Actress Parineeti Chopra has shared what she expects from her "super fan", and high up on her priority list is that a fan should know how to give his favourite celebrity sufficient space.

“I love my fans not just because they watch my films and appreciate my efforts. I read their substantial feedback that at times turns out valuable. So on one hand they should keep loving me the way they do, but I would share a few tips to be a good fan of any celebrity,” Parineeti told IANS. 

“Respect our space that at times a tiny part of the section forget. For instance, if we are stepping out from somewhere, be it an airport, public events or restaurants, and fans close in for a selfie without asking — I think that is a sign of disrespect. You know, all of us, we love our fans and if you ask me, ‘Parineeti, can I take a selfie with you?’ mostly I say ‘yes’, unless I am genuinely in rush. But the best way to be the best fans is to be respectful towards us, by maintaining lines of privacy and space. If you randomly point the camera at us and click pictures, it makes us uncomfortable and that is not cool,” she continued.

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