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Bryan Cranston on lingering effects of coronavirus
Bryan Cranston on lingering effects of coronavirus

Los Angeles, Dec 4 (TIWN) Actor Bryan Cranston is still dealing with the effects of Covid-19, and says he is yet to fully regain his sense of smell months after his battle with the virus.

"The only thing that lingered, and still is to this day, is I lost a percentage of my ability to taste and smell. I think about 75 percent has come back, but if someone was brewing coffee, and I walk into a kitchen, I cannot... smell it," he said. The 64-year-old star has revealed he was ill for about 10 days. "We had a few days of achiness, but not enough to keep you in bed. I had a temperature of 99 for about three hours, and then just exhaustion for a week after that," said the actor, whose wife Robin Dearden contracted coronavirus first.

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