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How Ayushmann Khurrana reacted to wife Tahira's latest book
How Ayushmann Khurrana reacted to wife Tahira's latest book

Mumbai, Oct 30 (TIWN) Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana is amazed, amused and confused with the latest literary work of his wife Tahira Kashyap.

Asked about Ayushmann’s reaction to the book, Tahira told IANS via Twitter: “Honestly, speaking, whatever I write, I do share it with him. So I remember his reactions. At times he would his eyebrows, and we all know he has bushy eyebrows. So they would raise in amazement and amusement as well.”  “Often his lips would twirl. He would find a lot of things funny, but many times, after reading a couple of chapters, he actually said ‘do you want to write all this? It was between the both of us’, ‘why does it need to reach the book and the pages of the book’,” she shared.  “That’s what I find really sweet about a relationship. We do have an opinion about each other’s work and we do have our vishesh tippani (special advice) to give. But ultimately, we let the other person breathe and be,” added Tahira while responding to IANS during a live reading session on Twitter.  “The 12 Commandments Of Being A Woman” is a quirky take towards the experiences of being and becoming a woman.

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