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Kajol: My dad believed fiercely in me
Kajol: My dad believed fiercely in me

Mumbai, June 19 (TIWN) Actress Kajol on Friday shared a post in the memory of her father, the late filmmaker Shomu Mukhejee, on Instagram.

Along with a video, she spoke about how her father motivated her to achieve her dreams in life.  "Its my dad''s birthday today. The most I see him now is in some photos and parts of my mirror. What I remember the most is the way his eyes would light up when he saw me. He believed so fiercely in me from the time that I was born that I grew up knowing that there was at least one person in this whole wide world who believed that I carried the sun on my shoulders. 

"He believed that my hands could heal anything from a headache to a temper, and he always wanted me to be wild and grow however huge I could imagine -- just because he saw it in me. I never realised Father''s Day was so close to his birthday till he wasn''t there anymore to celebrate it with," Kajol poured her heart out via an emotional voiceover.  Apart from this, the actress also urged all fathers to "believe" in their daughters.  "So, today I want to take this opportunity and tell all the fathers out there to give this precious gift to their little girls -- belief. It is the most powerful magic there is. Believe in your daughters so fiercely that they know, that''s what they should be looking for in the world and they shouldn''t ever settle for less. (They should ) Not be pressurised by society, family or anything else. Give them the power of ''self-belief''," Kajol wrote.

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