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Lockdown diaries: How Anushka Sharma stays fit, maintains healthy diet
Lockdown diaries: How Anushka Sharma stays fit, maintains healthy diet

Mumbai, April 22 (TIWN) Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and her cricketer husband Virat Kohli are maintaining a routine for a healthy lifestyle every single day despite the COVID-19 lockdown, and they are being focussed on boosting immunity.

"We, honestly, are not doing anything different from what we normally do. I think Virat and me are people who don''t believe in diets and we just have a lifestyle which is very healthy. We have always been like that," Anushka said during a live chat for an online educational platform.

She says that the couple always maintains body alkaline to boost immunity.

Anushka said: "There are certain things we don''t eat because they are not good for you, we try to eat food which is alkaline so it''s kind of easy on the stomach and keeps you healthy because if your body is alkaline your immunity is good and that''s something that we have always followed."

"I think all of us are trying to do whatever we can to boost our immunity. We have been having a lot of haldi, haldi in the morning when we wake up, we are having haldi ginger and Kali mirch ka chai (tea) and we are trying to drink a lot of water - sometimes we forget but we try to drink a lot of water."

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