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Blake Lively talks of her 'crazy' life With three kids
Blake Lively talks of her 'crazy' life With three kids

Los Angeles, Jan 29 (TIWN) Actress Blake Lively says it was not easy raising three children.

Talking on the chat show "Good Morning America" January 28, Lively opened up about her "crazy" life as a mother, reports

"At one point, we had three (kids who were) four and under," she pointed out as referring to 5-year-old James, 3-year-old Inez and her new born girl whose name was yet to be revealed yet.

Asked how it feels like going from having two children to raising three, she said: "It''s like going from two to 3,000. I mean, we have so many children. It''s pretty crazy. We''re outnumbered, and it''s a lot. People say that from two to three, it''s the same, it''s kind of easy. Those people do not have three kids."

Lively added: "It is crazy. But I''m here!"

In 2016, Lively had a different view of motherhood.

In an interview for the August issue of Marry Claire, she had said: "I wanted to go to a Mommy & Me class before I was a mom. People really expect that you''re suddenly a different woman, and I think it strips a woman''s identity in a way that is kind of strange, because I''ve always been innately maternal my whole life."

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