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BJP Vs BJP massive fight hits South Tripura
BJP Vs BJP massive fight hits South Tripura
PHOTO : An injured BJP activist injured, hospitalized. PC : PB24 Channel.

BELONIA, Oct 22 ( TIWN ) : Under the BJP Govt when law and order situation remained sensitive time to time, BJP party’s infighting continues to heat up the situation further.

In experts view, rise of criminals in the part is instigating such violence further.

Such incident happened today in Belonia, Bharat Chandra Nagar area. The supporters of BJP itself made bitter dissension within themselves. One of the victims while talking to media said that around 40 houses were permitted for the block members, but they didn't get any as the administration gave the houses according to their choice and not to the people of need. For that reason some of the block members including Pradhan of panchayet have gone to meet with the block chairperson Putul Biswas. They said that they even have taken the permission from BDO for that meeting. But after going there, some people who were also from BJP attacked on them. They were there from before and with tools to beat them. Some of them got beaten badly include women also. Some of them had to get admitted in the hospital.

One of the woman victim told that a person named Ajit Biswas threatened her saying that he will beat her badly after taking all the clothes away from her in the middle of Bankar Bazar. And all of this was happening infront of the chairman while she just remained silent.

This incident shows how cruel can their goons be who doesn't even care if he's torturing a woman or man. The victims got highly irritated from the whole incident that they are even asking if there is any law in Biplab Deb's ruling era despite of being the BJP supporters.

It can be set as one example with hundred  another that how Tripura's BJP Govt is highly corrupted and when public caught them red handedly, they don't even care to torture their own people to shut their mouth.

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