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Sam Raimi to be back in horror genre with new movie
Sam Raimi to be back in horror genre with new movie

Los Angeles, Oct 21 (TIWN) Filmmaker Sam Raimi will be returning to the horror genre with a yet untitled horror project.

Raimi is re-teaming with his "Spider-Man" studio Columbia Pictures, for the horror project. He is also attached to the movie as a producer, reports

The project marks a return to horror for Raimi, who hasn''t helmed one since 2009''s "Drag Me to Hell". The filmmaker made his name in the genre with his cult hit "Evil Dead" movies. Raimi also famously helmed the Tobey Maguire "Spider-Man" trilogy. Raimi Productions recently made Alexandre Aja''s "Crawl".

Mark Swift and Damian Shannon have written the script based on their original idea. No plot detail is out, but it is being said that it will be set on an island.

According to sources, the project is being described as "Misery meets Cast Away" in tone.

"Misery" is the Stephen King novel that focuses on an author who suffers a car accident and is then saved by his biggest fan, who turns out to be psychotically homicidal. "Cast Away" was the 2000 drama that starred Tom Hanks as a man struggling to survive after being stranded on a deserted island.

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