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Here's Why You Should Apply Sunscreen Indoors Too
Here's Why You Should Apply Sunscreen Indoors Too

New Delhi, May 22 (TIWN): It's a known fact that sunscreen saves your skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. Applying it while stepping out of your house is a must, but you need to do it while staying indoors as well, say experts.

 Technology and harmful radiations from devices have barged into our living and sleeping spaces in a big way.

"The increasing digital dependency has exposed our skin to the most harmful blue rays. Though consumers are well versed with the precautionary measures to protect themselves from the UVA rays, they are unaware about the damaging effects blue light has on their skin, and the possible protection available," dermatologist Rashmi Sharma said in a statement.
"According to the reports, visible blue light is one of the major skin care concerns as it contributes to premature-ageing, including wrinkles, worsening skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation. Blue light (also known as high-energy visible light) has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin compared to UVA rays and trigger damage," she added.
Clearly, you need to take both an indoor and outdoor approach that provides protection to the skin.
"Ensure using blue light shields on your digital devices to limit the effect, use sunscreen even when you are indoors," she suggested.
Dharma Rajput, research and development expert, Organic Harvest, said it's advisable to look out for sunscreen with ingredients such as Kaolin clay and aloe vera that remove impurities and give 24/7 protection to your skin.
"Use a full tablespoon of organic sunscreen with protection from UVA and UVB rays on your face and reapply every two to three hours even when you are indoors," said Rajput.
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