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Astrological Analysis of the 2019 Elections based on Zodiac Signs
Astrological Analysis of the 2019 Elections based on Zodiac Signs

New Delhi, May 22 (TIWN): After the announcement of the 2019 General Elections, each of the political parties and politicians went on a frenzy to advertise their point of view, their development strategies and what they think of the current government’s work. With hundreds of rallies and speeches regarding what was achieved and what expectations were not fulfilled, what others could have done what actually was done, the parties and politicians tried their level best to attract the masses and create a sense of trust for them among people. Countless promises were made, thousand accusations and reactions went on and an objective view of the people was painted by each of the parties and politicians. It all came to an end with the completion of all the 7 phases of voting. Now the tables have turned and it is time for these parties and politicians to wait for the results and how much were they able to connect with the audience and convince them to vote for their candidacy.

Astroyogi brings to you a broad evaluation of how the result date will affect each political person or party based on their zodiac signs. Read along to get a fair idea of how the 2019 general election is going to transpire for the politician, parties, and people.
Astrological Analysis of the 2019 Elections based on Zodiac Signs
For Ariens, there is Vish Yog due to Moon’s position in the 9th house at the start of this day which will make them a little concerned. The formation of Sam-sapt Yog due to Saturn’s vision on Mars is also indicating unfavorable results. Lord of fortune, Jupiter is also creating weakness in terms of luck. But the presence of Venus in its own territory will provide success which will help in countering the failures. The 2019 general elections for Aries will give mixed results. 
Political Personality: Amit Shah
Birth chart of Taurus suggests that the presence of Sun and Mercury is creating Budha Aditya Yog which will result in a confident personality on this day. But the presence of Moon in the 8th house will create tensions for you in the first half of the day. But from noon you will see good results coming your way. 
Political Personality: Mamta Banerjee
Moon will cause trouble for Gemini and lord of the sign, Mercury is present at the 12th house, creating poor chances and weakening the luck factor. However, the presence of the Moon in the 7th house might give good results with the support of others. Jupiter is eyeing your workhouse and will strengthen it to some extent, giving you good results by the end of the day. 
Political Personality: Akhilesh Yadav
The first half of the day for Cancer will be stressful. Lord of fortune, Jupiter has eyes on your workplace and will affect your luck. Your luck will be in your favor and you will find success by the end of the day. You will be able to achieve your goals and the 2019 general elections will prove to be a success for you. 
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