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Yogita talks about challenges of playing young mother
Yogita talks about challenges of playing young mother

New Delhi, Feb 20 (IANS) Actress Yogita Bihani, 23, says it was challenging to play a mother in her debut TV show.

 "Dil Hi Toh Hai" had premiered in June last year on Sony Entertainment Television. A few months later, the channel pulled the plug on the show. It is now back with season two, this time on a digital platform.

The characters have gone through changes. Yogita's Palak is now a mother of two girls.

Asked what it was like to play a mother at such a young age, Yogita told IANS here: "It was always meant to be a finite series. We ended season one on the channel and now we have season two. I knew this (would be the) story. 

"As an actor, you have to play different characters - mother, daughter, sister or even a physically challenged person. So playing a mother by a 23-year-old Yogita Bihani was a different challenge because I don't know how kids work. I deal with my nephews and I love kids but being a mother was different."

Also, she didn't get to play a "typical mother" in the ALTBalaji show.

"I was playing a mother who was working and doing everything for her kids. She took them out on dates, became a clown for them... so, it didn't make me realise 'Oh! I am playing an old character'," she said.

She pointed out that "Dil Hi Toh Hai" was never a "typical daily soap".

"Even in season one, I remember after we (Palak and Ritvik) got married, Palak used to work and Ritvik could not find a job. She used to come home tired and he used to be such a good husband. He used to say 'Princess, do you need water? I have ordered Chinese for you'. All those things were so new to TV," she said.

The shooting of the show is over. Yogita, who had featured in a promo of a show hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, is in no rush to take up another project soon.

"I want a break for some time," she said.

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