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Food regulator finds no trace of ethylene oxide in Indian spices
Food regulator finds no trace of ethylene oxide in Indian spices

New Delhi, May 21 : Amid the global furore over the alleged presence of a "cancer-causing substance" in certain spices from India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has cleared more than a dozen samples of spices from MDH and Everest brands.

According to the analysis report, the extensive testing found no traces of ethylene oxide (ETO) in the samples collected from several states.

The rigorous process of testing for ethylene oxide was performed at NABL-accredited laboratories notified by the FSSAI.

The food regulator also picked up 300 spice samples of other brands for testing and found "no presence of ETO".

The testing process began after several countries started monitoring spice products manufactured by Indian spice giants MDH and Everest over the alleged presence of a ‘cancer-causing’ agent. Food regulators in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand warned against using certain products from MDH and Everest over the presence of ethylene oxide at "

levels exceeding the permissible limit".

The Spices Board, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, had said that all spice consignments would be accompanied by a cleared analytical report for ETO issued by the Spices Board.

Both MDH and Everest have said their products are safe for consumption.

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