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Josler Hydrocarbons landmark MoU with MNGL for gas leak prevention
Josler Hydrocarbons landmark MoU with MNGL for gas leak prevention

New Delhi, Feb 13 : A Visionary Step in Environmental Conservation and Public Safety Josler Hydrocarbons India Pvt Ltd, a prominent gas leak detection firm based in Ahmedabad, has played a vital role in holistically enabling its US based technological partner Heath to sign a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MNGL.

Josler Hydrocarbons has been a parter with Houston based company Heath for over 10 years in proving leak instruments and services to all reputed Indian companies.  Ever since 2019, when Josler entered the gas leak detection field, it has achieved significant milestones, surveying over 13,000 kilometers of gas pipelines for leading City Gas Distribution companies across India.  These surveys, conducted by teams trained in advanced methodologies from Heath and utilizing sophisticated equipment, have notably improved the safety, environmental impact, and financial integrity of India's City Gas Distribution (CGD) ecosystem by substantially reducing methane emissions and curbing financial losses from unaccounted gas leakage. 

The MoU represents a crucial aspect of the energy collaboration announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden at the Leaders’s Summit on Climate in April 2021. Operating under the US-India Low Emission Gas Task Force (LEGT).  Speaking at the sidelines of MoU signing, Neel Mehta, Director, Josler explicated that this is agreement positions MNGL, Heath, and Josler to jointly explore opportunities in mitigating fugitive methane emissions, preventing damage to underground utilities, recovering waste heat, accurately locating underground gas lines, and enhancing overall public safety. 

Reflecting on this significant milestone, Josler's Chairman Sudhanshu Mehta, emphasised, "This Memorandum of Understanding embodies Josler's commitment to 'Keeping Indian Skies Safe and Clean'. It underscores our unwavering dedication to pioneering innovative approaches in the energy sector that prioritise environmental conservation and public safety."  Josler Hydrocarbons India Pvt Ltd is a diversified group that operates in Oil and Gas, IT & ITES, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, City Gas Distribution Solutions, Telecom, Solutions for Smart City development, Encrypted Secure Communication, catering the wider needs to clients requirements.

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