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'It's India's moment': Jaishankar at book launch by JGU Professor
'It's India's moment': Jaishankar at book launch by JGU Professor

New Delhi, Dec 19 : "After 75 years of Independence it is important to introspect more about foreign policy, because often we tend to think that the decisions which were taken, were the only decisions that could have been taken, which may not be entirely true. So, I think, this exercise of the roads not taken, then they need not be hypothetical. I think, it’s important to look back, keep refreshing, correcting ourselves… To get foreign policy right it’s important to look back, keep looking back, keep refreshing and keep correcting ourselves," said External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar.

Jaishankar, who was speaking at the launch of the book, "India’s Moment: Changing Power Equations around the World” by former Indian diplomat, Prof. Mohan Kumar, Dean, Strategic and International Initiatives at O. P. Jindal Global University and published by Harper Collins, said: "In the context of foreign policy we are all negotiators. Certainly when it comes to diplomacy. Today as we are looking at technology issues or security issues, or debating strategic autonomy there are the six factors that Dr Mohan Kumar has referred to as the integrated framework in his book."

"The first of which he calls the Gandhi litmus test, the poverty veto. The second is a policy space and the others include domestic politics, geopolitical imperatives, multilateralism and finally material gain because at the end of the it is for common good."

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