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Air India pilots pulled up over licence and documentation delays
Air India pilots pulled up over licence and documentation delays

New Delhi, May 3 : Air India has recently issued a stern warning to its pilots regarding the renewal of their licences and Airport Entry Passes (AEP).

The airline has sent out an email detailing the consequences of any delays in the renewal process, which include both disciplinary action and financial penalties.

According to sources, the directive comes amidst concerns over the airline's safety standards, and aims to ensure that all pilots meet the necessary requirements for operating flights.

The email mentioned that there have been several occasions where the crew has failed to provide the necessary documentation or fulfill the necessary procedures that are required for the renewal of licenses.

"In spite of such repeated reminders some crew are not doing the needful which is leading to delay in their license related issues and are becoming unavailable to the company for performing their duties Which leads the company no other choice but to take some strict action against the individual crew member," the email stated.

Air India's training department is accessible to pilots for assistance with their documentation, and if they do not take advantage of this resource, they may face financial consequences, it added.

"Training department is there to assist the crew member so that there is no loss of time from duty (non-availability) nor they get penalised monetarily, if submission of documentation is not initiated at least 45 days before the expiry of license then the crew member will be issued a caution letter," the email further added.

The move has garnered attention and sparked debate within the aviation industry, with some praising the airline's proactive approach to safety, while others criticise the punitive nature of the measures.

Recently, the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) and Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) of Air India had rejected the new pay structure proposed by the airline.

The primary bone of contention is the reduction in the flying allowance from 70 hours to 40 hours every month under the new structure, which the pilots believe is unfair.

The two unions have warned of possible "industrial unrest" if the management goes ahead with the new terms without their consent. While Air India has stated that it will "continue to engage with the remainder of its staff," the airlines have taken a tough stance on the issue, saying that there are "no recognised unions in Air India."

This is the first wage revision offered by the Tata group-owned Air India since its takeover last year, and it will affect all 3,000 pilots across its four airlines - Air India, Air India Express, Air Asia India, and Vistara.

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