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V. P. Mahawar, Group General Manager & Asset Manager, ONGC Tripura
TIWN (Tripura InfoWay News)
V. P. Mahawar, Group General Manager &  Asset Manager, ONGC Tripura

Mr. V. P Mahawar has more than 30 years of oil field experience in various capacities. He was the first sub sea engineer of ONGC and won CMD’s Young Executive of the year award in the year 1987.He established the well control school at IDT, Dehardun and brought sea change among the drilling fraternity in understanding the well control techniques & equipment while working as in – charge well control school. He is recipient of CMD’s Manager of the year award in the year 1999 .A veteran of numerous blow out control jobs and an expert in handling the complicated well control problems Mr.Mahawar is the major force and face of the crisis management team of ONGC .

Mr.Mahawar is the major force and face of the Crisis Management team of ONGC.

Under his leadership, team CMT has received CMD awards for consecutive years(2008 -2011).

In an exclusive interview with TIWN, Mr. Mahawar  talks candidly about several  issues. 


TIWN : You became Asset Manager, ONGC Tripura Asset in August 2012. What did you see as your mission when you arrived into the position, and what were your immediate priorities?

Mahawar : I joined ONGC in 1982 as a graduate engineer (Mechanical) and have stayed with the company since then. I have seen the company grow, and borne witness to the changes in the industry in this period. ONGC is a growing company, and is today is the number one E&P company in the world (as per Platts).After taking charge, my first priority was to focus on the company’s performance and  I am happy to say that all  employees of this organization are committed and dedicated to maintaining production from mature fields.

TIWN: What are the major achievements made by ONGC, Tripura Asset under your leadership?

Mahawar :OTPC, Palatana was dedicated to the nation on June 21, 2013 by the Hon. President of India Pranab Mukherjee. ONGC has made its entry into a new era of ‘ Gas to Wire’.Tripura Asset achieved gas production and sales of 822.2345 MMSCM and 813.331MMSCM  respectively during 2013 -14, which is highest ever. Highest ever gas production of 3.488092MMSCMD and gas sales of 3.481553 MMSCMD since inception was achieved on March 13.ONGC Tripura Asset has put up equally impressive performance in the drilling front during financial year 2012 -13 by completing 12 wells.Rig transportation and building time have been brought down from 15 days during 2011 – 12 to 14 days during 2012 -13.15 wells were connected totaling 76 km of flowlines which is highest since inception. The well services have also made impressive performance by completing 16 wells against 16 wells 16 days in advance. 

TIWN: How do you define the role of ONGC today?

Mahawar: ONGC has an important role to play in India’s energy development. Today, ONGC contributes about 70% of domestic oil production for of the country. In gas, Reliance Industries has taken a large share of the market after the commencement of production from KG-D6, but still ONGC and ONGC’s share of its joint ventures accounts for almost 50% of India’s domestic gas production. OVL is also contributing around 20% of India’s total oil production. In India’s oil and gas industry, ONGC’s role will always remain important. Knowledge is ONGC’s greatest strength. Over the years, we have created a huge pool of talent, which has gone on to help build the Indian oil and gas business as it stands today, by working with both public and private sector companies. One challenge that the company needs to address is making sure that it does not lose too many of its most experienced and valuable employees. It takes a lot of time to build up knowledge, and as a government company we often cannot compete with the salaries of private sector players keen to bring in the best and the brightest that India has to offer.

TIWN: When ONGC will supply gas to Monarchak 101 megawatt power plant ? what about the fertilizer project?

Mahawar: We would start supplying gas to Monarchak power plant from this year end. We need seven to eight months to complete the technical works to provide the gas,To supply the gas to Monarchak power project and to finalise other details, a meeting was held recently in New Delhi with the secretary of union power ministry in the presence of top ONGC and NEEPCO officials.The ONGC, in association with Rajasthan-based Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited, and the Tripura government would also set up a Rs 5,000 crore fertilizer  plant in northern Tripura."The process is on in full swing to set up the fertiliser project,"


TIWN: What about the commercial viability of gases striked in Tripura? 

Mahawar: ONGC owns significant natural gas reserves in Tripura. However,these natural gas reserves are yet to be commercially developed due to low industrial demand in the North – Eastern region. The complexities of logistics attendant costs limit the economic viability of transportation of gas to other parts of the country where gas is in deficit. The initiative of ONGC is expected to transform the power scenario of entire NE region of the country and catalyze rapid economic development of the region.


TIWN: How would you like your time in the position to be remembered?

Mahawar : I do not know how long I will remain as Asset Manager , but whatever I achieve during my time, I would like to be remembered as a man of action, a Asset Manager who strongly focused on the priorities related to performance of the company, and took steps to helping ONGC achieve what it wants and deserves.



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