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Tripurainfoway.Com started its maiden journey on Sept 2, 2013. Tripura Infoway banner displayed on Times Square, New York  - which is symbolic in manner but has a significance - Tripura Infoway will function as a  Platform to connect Tripura with outer World. Principal goal is to deliver high quality news content and reaching out to all parts of Tripura Society in India and Abroad. Tripura Infoway will function like an open platform - something like how Linux Operating System was developed - collaboration and contribution of many creative minds. 

USA Diary page will be updated by Tripurites  based in USA –  it will share the glimpses of Life - Nature, Tourist Places, Business, Agriculture, Science & Technology etc. 

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Special Article :  9/11 - Remembering New York and our Fallen Heroes

by Saumen Sarker, USA

New York, Sept 11, 2013 (TIWN)  A Day we remember our brothers and sisters from all parts for world who perished in 9/11 attack on World Trade Center - it was not only an attack on USA but an attack on Humanity - People from every part of world, every religion have their names in victim list. A day which New Yorkers like me will never forget in their lifetime - its a day we pray for the departed souls and peace for humanity.

On the day of 9/11 - I was near Penn Station which is in midtown here - approx  6 to 7 miles from Twin Towers which is the southmost end of Manhattan  - at that time I was working in Bank of New York - when the first plane hit  Tower I first came to know from television screen in a cafe where people glued to TV - immediately I ran to the street and  saw the black smoke in the horizon - around that time the second plane hit the other tower. We were all panicked and no idea what to do or where to run for shelter - we were all watching TV in Penn Station - which is an underground railway station near 33rd st and 7th Avenue. Whole New Work was in chaos - i spent all day on street  as people running away, no public transportations - finally returned home at midnight .

Bank of New York's  Data Center was near World Trade Center and our communication Network was badly affected due to power loss. We wanted to visit our office to restore Network Communication but whole area was cordorned off by National Guard . After waiting for 3 days -  on 14th we got permission to visit our office bldg which was next to the fallen towers. As me and my colleagues were walking around that area - still smoke was coming out of debris - a burning smell - and concrete dusts from both of these 110 floor towers has covered all the glass panel, windows of buildings in white - firefighters, resque personnel - working round the clock to remove debris and search for survivors. We worked that week round the clock to restore Communication Network. I remember this heartbreaking moment when I met an elderly man from Madras in his 70s was writing his son's name on a side wall by using his figers through the 6 inch thick white dust - tears rolling out  - he lost his son - like this many many  heartbreaking scenes we saw over months. Our friend Alok Agarwal - who was working in Cantor Fitzgerald in 101st floor never came back. Then Kalyan Sarkar - Civil Engineer working in Port Authority - never came back. During those times - we all forgot who we were - we are just humans and need to serve fellow  humans.

Now 9/11 memorial is built in the place of  both World Trade Center Buildings - in the same size of Twin Towers on the gound  - square size fountains  flowing which symbolizes tears of humanity - once again we will be in deep pain remembering today. 

Inside the 9/11 memorial today - if you visit you will see cobblestones lined in the park and each stone was sponsored by someone offering prayers in the memory of 9/11 victims -   names are listed in 911 Memorial Site - I was one of blessed ones to have a name there in 911 Memorial Cobblestone Donors list.


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