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10 killed in attack on church in Burkina Fas
10 killed in attack on church in Burkina Fas

Ouagadougou, Feb 17 (TIWN) In the latest attack on a religious institution in the unstable West African nation of Burkina Faso, armed men killed as many as 10 people.

Unidentified armed men attacked the church in Yagha province in the Sahel Region during a religious ceremony, the report said.  The attackers then fled, taking the church pastor with them.  A state of emergency in northern Burkina Faso which ended on Jan. 12 was extended for another year to boost the fight against terrorism.  It is currently being implemented in seven of the country’s 13 regions.  Nearly 700 people have been killed in attacks in the country by terrorist organizations in the last four years and at least 270,000 people have abandoned their homes.

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