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'Narendra Debbarma and Narendra Modi' : Bijan Dhar finds another similarity among NC & Modi : But why not Gautam Das & Gautam Kundu ?
TIWN Jan 12, 2018
'Narendra Debbarma and Narendra Modi' : Bijan Dhar finds another similarity among NC & Modi : But why not Gautam Das & Gautam Kundu ?

AGARTALA, Jan 12 (TIWN): CPI-M's postmortem of NC Debbarma led IPFT's meeting with PM Modi is making various strange points to mean IPFT's links with BJP and to prove Brinda Karata's allegation of PMO's link with terrorists as true. However, IPFT's meeting with PM ahead of poll is nothing but diplomacy led by BJP, but allegation against PMO can't deny Tripura's Chit fund history and Gautam Das's link with Gautam Kundu.

Recently  in various media it has come that CBI is in Tripura, even though arrest of Chit Fund taint persons are more important than CBI arrival after 10 years of the scam and 5 years after people were looted.CBI’s interrogation of two kingpins Goutam Das, Bijita Nath unearthed Manik Sarkar led CPI-M Govt’s close relationship with Bengal based Chit Fund companies. Tripura CPI-M’s massive wealth, mighty mansions are not built by money of ‘poor’ comrades but the poor’s blood soaked money of Chit Fund companies which donated hundreds of crores into CPI-M’s cash reserve. After the recent CBI interrogation, tensed Tripura Communist leader Goutam Das (former Editor but de-facto Editor of Daily Deser Katha) in a foolish move eventhough revealed what CBI asked him, in attempt to clarify to the public, rather turned heavy upon him.

CBI directly asked Goutam Das as the News Editor and experienced media person 'How Rose Valley & other Chit Fund groups established in Tripura' ? 

In reply when Goutam Das lied that Chit Funds were unknown to him but after being informed by various news medias, Deser Katha stopped to take advertisements from Rose Valley  and other Chit fund companies, CBI Senior Official S K Tripathi asked why Goutam Das’s Daily Desher Katha didn't write news against Rose Valley ? Goutam Das in reply said, 'Without proofs, I can not write anything as they can file case or challenge us...but we highlighted the awareness and asked people not to deposit their money in chit fund'. However, after CBI interrogation,Goutam Das has shown the real face of Desher Katha Editor exposing his involvement with various Chit Fund companies which looted Tripura over Rs 1500 crores.

However, Tripura under CPI-M's leadership for 25v years saw various corruptions and this is the reason, people are trying to see a new leadership, even though attempts of CPI-M's agents in BJP also going on which has already spoiled party image partially. 

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