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Amra Bangali accuses CPI-M & Central BJP for harassing, evicting Bengali Population from Northeast States
TIWN Jan 11, 2018
Amra Bangali accuses CPI-M & Central BJP for harassing, evicting Bengali Population from Northeast States
PHOTO : Amra Bangali held protest at Agartala. TIWN Pic Jan 11

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Amra-Bangali has come in massive protest alleging Central BJP Govt and other Political Parties as CPI-M, Congress led harassment to the Bengali population time to time in Northeastern States. In a protest Amra Bangali Chief Harigopal Debnath said, "Even though since decades, Bengali people are living here in Northeast, but our harassment and threats for eviction have been continuing. Pushing-back-us-to-Bangladesh is a common dialogue of a section of people, but no action is taken against such behaviours of the minority. In Tripura anti-Bengali politics is hitting the normal peaceful lives of common men. All political parties including CPI-M, Congress, BJP are involved in this game".

"At Assam, earlier before election, it was promised that after Govt comes in power, there will be no division among the citizens, but betraying the thoughts a constant inclash have been started to harass the Bengali", said Debnath.

"India a free-country and all will move independently. Why in the name of Hindus, Muslims only Bengali people are targeted ?", added Amra Bangali chief.

A huge rally was conducted condemning the anti-Bengali sentiment bound politics and creating unnecessary hatred among Northeast Indians.

"Actually, the people who call themselves as Ahomia, they were not at all Indians, but they were migrated from other countries but during British era the outsiders were joined with Bengalis", added Amra Bangali. Hari Gopal Debnath also said that instead of Bengalis were more in population, Ahomia was imposed upon the Assamees.

"But after that with Hindu backed organizations the Ahomias began protest to outcast Bengalis and started 'Bangali-Khedao' movement. In 1961 total 11 people were killed by police while protesting for Bengali language's identity. The Nehru led Central Govt was also silent on that time. In Congress era, the tortures had been increased a lot upon the Bengali people and even after Modi Govt's promise before election the security of the Bengalis were not assured and finally the deadline of 'Bangali-Bitaran' is 31 / 12/ 2017. We condemn the state and central govt's silence in this issue", added Debnath. 

"Same issues have started in Tripura already keeping the election in front. In this situation, we left with no option except coming in protest", said Debnath. 

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