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10323 teachers SC ordered termination on 31st Dec, 2017 : Opposition calls for Special Assembly Session, Sudip Barman writes to Chief Minister
TIWN Dec 6, 2017
10323 teachers SC ordered termination on 31st Dec, 2017 : Opposition calls for Special Assembly Session, Sudip Barman writes to Chief Minister
PHOTO : Sudip Barman writes to Chief Minister Manik Sarkar asking for Special Assembly Session.

AGARTALA, Dec 6 (TIWN): Opposition leader MLA Sudip Roy Barman has written a letter to Chief Minister Manik Sarkar asking him to arrange a special Assembly Session to save 10323 teachers lives. The proposed special Assembly Session will be fully discussed, dedicated for the 10323 teachers. In the letter Barman wrote to CM, "You are well acquainted with the precarious position that has cropped up after the judgment of the Honourable Appex Court in respect to 10323 terminated teachers. All hopes for the bright futures of 10323 teachers have been shattered. I feel all of us together should stand beside them for their existence". Barman further said, "I request you to kindly call a special & urgent session of the Tripura Legislative Assembly to discuss and find way out for them". However now, it's to be seen what Tripura Govt does as 10323 in 2 divisions have started their protests for their survival.On the other side, after terminated 10323 teachers' demand of 'Validation Act' was rejected by Tripura Govt, the teacher will now go in massive protest from 8th December.

Following Guwahati Retired justice’s suggestion of applying Validation Act for terminated 10323 teachers, the teachers many times demanded the Tripura Govt to recover their damaged career by applying 'Validation Act'. But, as the state govt denied to it, 10323 teachers have taken an ultimate decision to save their jobs.

Addressing a press conference today at the press club, the teachers said, "From 6 December 6 AM to 8 December 6 AM, we are giving 48 hrs to Tripura Govt but if no action is taken till then, we will go in vast protests. We may block National Highway, Railway too. If police forces us and anything happens to us then the whole responsibility will go to the state govt".

That article written by former two justices, it says if SC extends the job tenure for one year more, it will not give any permanent solution to the problem, rather an special assembly or ordinance can save the teachers futures.

The article further said that only the State Govt can save the teachers lives not the court. Court will follow the law but the liabilities go to the State Govt, but ofcourse state govt has to follow the MHRD guidelines.  In the suggestion as the solution of 10323 teachers crisis,  the judge said : 1 ) The teachers who are qualified their jobs must be validated through Assembly or ordinance. Ofcourse, Madhyamik Passed will not be in the list, 2)As per the High Court's 104 No para, among the petitioners many youths were over qualified than the 10323 teachers. So, they should be appointed first. 3) Whose jobs can't be validate for them "Retrenched teachers reemployment scheme" must be started.

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