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'Pashe-Achi dialogue is not working ! 50000 people are affected due to jobless conditions', said Tripura's terminated 10323 teachers
TIWN Dec 5, 2017
'Pashe-Achi dialogue is not working ! 50000 people are affected due to jobless conditions', said Tripura's terminated 10323 teachers
PHOTO : 10323 teachers held press meet at Press Club. TIWN Pic Dec 5

AGARTALA, Dec 5 (TIWN): With a major jolt, Tripura's 10323 teachers have finally expressed their hidden resentments on Tuesday announcing about major protests in coming days along with their family members. Addressing a press meet the teachers clearly said, "As you know we lost out jobs in 2014 but Tripura Govt took the case at Supreme Court but on 29th March Supreme Court also terminated us. Since then Tripura Govt did nothing to save our jobs except Pashe-Achi, Veshe-Jete-Debona etc but all these dialogues are not working in our lives. Even when we are verge of destruction, then also state govt has no headache. Thus, we have no other option left except going in protest along with our whole family. We had no fault behind our termination". "From 6 December 6 AM to 8 December 6 AM, we are giving 48 hrs to Tripura Govt but if no action is taken till then, we will go in vast protests", Teachers told media.

 "If police forces us and anything happens to us then the whole responsibility will go to the state govt", said teachers. 

 Tensions are increasing among 10323 teachers, who are productions of CPI-M’s decade-long corruption in teacher-recruitment as only 26 days left for the teachers termination. The teachers in the last week held various meeting in town hall and discussed about the crisis situations, they are undergoing. Finally the teachers have come to this solution, when nothing has been left to lost.

 In 2014 after some deprived youths filed a case against 2010’s teachers' recruitment and High Court had terminated the teachers following the illegal recruitment which was done, without following any merit.

The teachers’ lives still could  be saved by the CPI-M Govt as High Court had given an open option to the state govt saying that the jobs can be saved if the deprived youths are appointed in their respective posts, but due to Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s arrogance the HC's verdict challenged in the Supreme Court by Tripura Govt but again on March 29, 2017 SC in the final hearing kept the HC’s verdict effective and fixed the last date of teachers jobs as Dec 31st, 2017.


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