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'Fake Voter List has been Communists' mechanism of Electoral Dominance in Tripura' : BJP
TIWN Oct 13, 2017
'Fake Voter List has been Communists' mechanism of Electoral Dominance in Tripura' : BJP
PHOTO : Left : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar, Right : BJP Spokesperson Dr. Ashok Sinha.

AGARTALA, Oct 13 (TIWN): State BJP has alleged that CPI-M created Fake Voter List per booths , which has been key of CPI-M's massive winning since 25 years. The issue came out after 11 BJP members were injured while protesting against the voter-lists hearing and BJP has demanded for transparency of voter list. Following Wednesday's political clash at Udaipur's Mirza during voter list's hearing that left atleast 11 BJP activists injured seriously, topmost leaders of state BJP led by party spokesperson Dr Ashok Sinha and leader Subol Bhowmik have met the Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura Sriram Taranikanti demanding his intervene to prevent such issues. The BJP delegates also discussed about the fake voter lists in Tripura, which are allegedly being used as weapons by the CPI-M to dominate over the elections.

However, it was felt during the last College Election, when SFI injured ABVPs during announcement of College Election result, when ABVP went to check the transparency of voting.  

In the same manner, BJP is worried about the fake voter list created by CPI-M which has ranked Tripura 1st in voting participation rate with 90 %.Many times allegations came,  Tripura has well recorded with 90 % voters that is highest in the whole country, is not possible without Fake-Voters. 

Even though once Subol Bhowmik raised voice against it and also Sunil Deodhar mentioned once that all the people living outside Tripura vote is casted in their names, but till day the things have been kept unnoticed.

Deodhar claimed at least 1 lakhs of voters who are living outside the state CPI-M Govt managed to cast fake votes in CPI-M vote banks.

But the saddest part is that BJP is shy to take any action yet against it, whereas rather CPI-M had once complained the Election Commissioner about Biplab Deb’s remarks on EVM.

In a latest development it has been known that more than 20 thousand voters names can be enrolled which are absolutely fakes.

CPI-M led Left Front won 50 seats in 2013 but it had to face tough fight from the opposition in 12 seats .In 2013 assembly poll CPI-M led Left Front secured around 52% of the total votes casted while the opposition Congress got around 48% votes . It means by margin of only 4% vote share difference CPI-M won with landslides victory of 50 seats in its tally. 

But, question remains whether BJP can actually do anything against the fake votes or it will be ended with a margin level's defeating in 2018 ?

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