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CPI-M Celebrates 100 yrs of Russian Revolution : China, Pakistan's friend Prakash Karat cries foul over Modi Govt led India-US Defence deal
TIWN Oct 11, 2017
CPI-M Celebrates 100 yrs of Russian Revolution : China, Pakistan's friend Prakash Karat cries foul  over Modi Govt led India-US Defence deal
PHOTO : CM Manik Sarkar with Prakash Karat at Rbainddra Bhawan. TIWN Pic Oct 11

AGARTALA, Oct 11 (TIWN): Anti-national CPI-M's propaganda against Prime Minister Modi once again exposed communist party's stand against national interests. CPI-M National leader, former Party General Secretary Prakash Karat on Wednesday while addressing at Agartala's Rabindra Bhawan auditorium on the occasion of CPI-M organized November Revolution of Russia said, "Russian revolution had influenced India's all political parties except RSS". In praise of Russia's revolution, Karat said, "Before 100 years back Russia got its freedom from capitalism and established socialism". Along with Russia, Karat also became busy to praise Congress for its enormous dedication for Indian Freedom Fight. "The BJPs who are calling CPI-M as Anti-Nationalists, the first anti-national work was done by Modi Govt after coming in power by signing MoU with US regarding military's entrance".

"As per the deal, (logistics exchange agreement with the US) US's choppers will allow to land across India's air stations, which is a high threat for India's security", Karat added. 

Karat also blasted America for entering at Afganistan, Syria and frictions with Muslim countries. However, Karat didn't miss to spell about China's name and criticize both India and America ongoing debacles with China.

However, to defend CPI-M is 'Not an Anti-Nationalist' Karat said, "RSS was created on 1925 and till 1947 it never protested for Indian Freedom but they wanted to make a Hindu Rastra".

On the other side, there were honey-quoted praises for Congress party in Prakash Karat's speech at Agartala. Karat also accepted that a part of National Congress created Communists. "Our (Communists & Congress) paths were different but mission was same to free India from British and Capitalism". However, Karat didn't mention that it was CPI-M which opposed the nuclear deal with US during Monmohon Singh's time and collapsed Congress party on that time. 

(Noteworthy) The reality about the pact :  The US has cleared the sale of predator Guardian drones to India, as Indian PM Modi and US President Donald Trump pledged on 27 June, 2017 to deepen their defence and security cooperation. The US and India look forward to working together on advanced defence equipment and technology at a level commensurate with that of America's closest allies and partners. 

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