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More showers in Tripura, neighboring Bangladesh : Flood taking worst shape as rivers swell up
TIWN Aug 12, 2017
More showers in Tripura, neighboring Bangladesh : Flood taking worst shape as rivers swell up
PHOTO : Rain floods Capital City Agartala. TIWN Pic Aug 12

AGARTALA, Aug 12 (TIWN): With Capital City Agartala’s drainage system’s failure in the monsoon to swage the rain water, Tripura Govt has brought the additional charges against the record level rain of Friday and Bangladesh’s flood-situation that is allegedly leading Tripura Border areas to hold flood water tightly without any scope to flow towards Bangladesh. But as per the weather dept report at Bangladesh, the country was lately affected with flood following a light shower and overflowing Northeast bases rivers. However, the situation to turn more pathetic as Bangladesh is receiving heavy rain and thunderstorm on Saturday. Talking to Tripura Urban Development Minister Manik Dey he said that due to flood like situation at Bangladesh state Tripura is also suffering and via Bangladesh border areas water is entering inside the state. The Minister further said, “At few places as Baldakhal, Kalakhal the water level has raised up to the roof of some houses as it has been the record-level rain with 146.6mm of rainfall on yesterday”.

“Common people have helped a lot in the emergency situation. Without everyone’s cooperation the situation would turn more pathehtic”, Manik Dey told TIWN.

Asking about the oppositions allegation, Dey said, “All political party should jump in the crisis situation for now. Why this crisis situation is happening, whose fault lets discuss it later”. “The rain led flood has affected Bangladesh border areas and via Rajghat the water even from Bangladesh is entering”, The Minister said.

However, the opposition has allegation that if proper drainage system was there to control such emergency situation then the condition would be different. The opposition BJP also has denied to accept the Bangladesh flood has led Tripura’s flood, that is pushing the rain water especially at Agaratla’s corner. 

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