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Comrade Gopal Malakar, Kutan Malakar yet in hiding : No report of 16 years girl Susmita Debbarma on Day-10 of her kidnapping
TIWN Aug 12, 2017
Comrade Gopal Malakar, Kutan Malakar yet in hiding : No report of 16 years girl Susmita Debbarma on Day-10 of her kidnapping
PHOTO : Susmita Debbarma, student of Pragati School kidnapped at Lake Chowmuhani on Aug-3.

AGARTALA, Aug 12 (TIWN): Pragati School Hostel Super Gopal Malakar, a big comrade of Lake Chowmuhani area and his cousin brother Kutan Malakar all are in hide after Kutan Malakar had kidnapped Susmita Debbarma openly from a rikshaw on August 3 with his gang. It’s noteworthy, the same girl was kidnapped again in 2016 (before 10 months) and police rescued the girl from Teliamura area. A case with Number : 86 / 2016 is still under the Dist Court going on against Kutan Malakar and the culprit Kutan Malakar is in bail has once again kidnapped the girl but police has no headache to find out the girl. Moreover, Susmita’s family as if has become a big headache for West Women Police. Cooperation is a matter of far way but another identified culprit Rahul Das who was nabbed by Susmita Debbarma’s family towards police station, was also released without any FIR. A source said in 2016’s case till day police has failed to file chargesheet just to save Gopal Malakar’s brother Kutan Malakar.

Gopal Malakar, hostel super of Pragati School not even 8 pass but how such an uneducated man is the hostel super it’s nothing but the red-fate on his forehead.Apart from that Gopal Malakar also reportedly tortures the hostel students and the food items from hostel all come to his home.

The poor ST students have nothing to do except passing days and nights out of hunger. The local people are just fed up of Gopal Malakar, who is son of Piyari Malakar who had married 4 times in his life.

Gopal is the second wife’s son of Piyari Malakar. Gopal’s wife also recently attempted to commit suicide due to some illegal affair of Gopal, the source further said.

However, presently, Susmita Debbarma, D/O-Sanat Debbarma could not be found. Mother Anju Debbarma has toatlly broken just waiting to see her daughter alive.

Many people have labeled that she has eloped but not only her sister but the rikshaw driver was also beaten to rescue her, when goons were taking her by pressing her mouth.

Immediately getting informed about the incident,  police rushed to the spot and took notes about the incident. Police also took statement from the rickshaw driver and told him if necessary police will call him.

Everyday her family members are begging helps from door to door but no hope, including the tribal leaders from ruling party. Whether she is alive or not, it's also unknown. State BJP held few protests but the path of justice seemed have been blocked from every corners.


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