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Tripura CPI-M launches 'red flagged' rescue-boats to save Communist's sinking Election vessel : working with NDRF to 'Help' Agartala people !!!
TIWN Aug 11, 2017
Tripura CPI-M launches 'red flagged' rescue-boats to save Communist's  sinking Election vessel : working with NDRF to 'Help' Agartala people !!!
PHOTO : CPI-M launches boats at Agartala. TIWN Pic Aug 11

AGARTALA, Aug 11 (TIWN): Raising roars of laughter and anger, when after 24 years of Communist regime, Agartala City just with 12 hours of a constant rain has sunk under water, Manik Sarkar's party workers have come on the road with boats showing CPI-M flag and giving people passage. When the City has become a lake then comrades have turned boatmen in some points of the city and busy to hold 'CPI-M's sinking boats'. Question raising, what the comrades want to mean by launching boats with communist flags ? Is it again Modi Govt's fault that not sanctioning fund to develop Agartala City ? Days are not far when Bijan Dhar, Goutam Das and Manik Sarkar jointly may launch boats to rescue CPI-M's election vessels of 2018. Resentment has brewed among the common people as normal lives have been fully suffering due to the waist level water. At Math Chowmuhani area with bamboos the 'No-Entry' has been imposed as from there to Sibnagar the water-level has gone till the chest level.

From Battala area vehicles have denied to go further towards anywhere that created much havoc among the office goers. Can the Communist Vessel hide AMC's corruption ? No party in India has done such a stupid activity as CPI-M has done by putting party-flag in front of the boats.

The poor drainage system has led to the overflow of drain water resulting massive flood in the Agartala city on Friday morning after the moderate shower in the city. The commuters claimed the downstream waterway of the drain has been completely blocked that has resulted in accumulation of water and flooding on the upstream side. The water has started coming onto the road and there is a threat of the road being blocked as this is a very high traffic corridor between Melarmath to Kaman Chowmuhani. The so-called decision after which the AMC authority closed all drains by concrete cover, the cleaning of soil and garbage was stopped resulting chocked drains as it cannot carry water and the water floods randomly on the streets.The residents allege that the drains are being filled up with mud and debris, which has been leading to constant flooding in the area and affecting traffic movement as well.Commuters got stranded in many parts of the city as major roads were flooded due to poor condition of drainage lines.Some of the internal roads were inundated for hours. There were also reports of rain water causing damage to shops and housing blocks. There is no proper system to drain out water accumulating on roads. This leads to water logging and makes life miserable for citizens.

The long rule of CPI-M both in the state and Agartala Municipal Corporation have failed to develop infrastructures in the corporation area. Whereas, with zero development in infrastructures, Agartala is termed as one of the best city in the country by the ruling party.

Better drainage system is one of most important yard stick for declaring any city as best. Only constructing some high rise building in the capital cannot be termed as development. Infrastructure development in real sense the only development.

After drainage comes supply of safe drinking water in Agartala.  For development of water supply infrastructure crores and crores of rupees are coming from centre, but due to unrealistic approach till now no infrastructures of   permanent water sources are available here. Even now scarcity of drinking water is a major problem in Agartala city.

Incessant rain over the past few days coupled with poor drainage system has caused difficulties to people of Agartala as they have to face water logging on the roads, and are exposed to outbreak of diseases as the rain has flooded their houses. 
The angry office goers in Agartala told media when everyone were fussed with the immovable condition of Agartala City, "Tripura Govt from this year should announce holiday in every rains as whole traffic dept to vehicle service goes under water". 

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