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Agartala City paralyzed as rain hits Northeast since morning : waist level water across the City, resentments brew among the common men
TIWN Aug 11, 2017
Agartala City paralyzed as rain hits Northeast since morning : waist level water across the City, resentments brew among the common men
PHOTO : Rain floods Agartala City, Paralyzed movement of common men. TIWN Pic Aug 11

AGARTALA, Aug 11 (TIWN): As heavy rain has hit the Northeast and neighboring areas, so City-life has turned just as a "Shitty Life" at here in Agartala. The whole Agartala City has been paralyzed with all traffic police have gone for retirement for the day. At Math Chowmuhani area with bamboos the 'No-Entry' has been imposed as from there to Sibnagar the water-level has gone till the chest level. From Battala area vehicles have denied to go further towards anywhere that created much havoc among the office goers. On the other side for office goers, the municipal drain water has been mixed with rain water and from wine bottle to babies' diaper all have been floating till the waist level water. Instead of diminishing the water logging problem, per monsoon the situation is turning critical as the rain water had paralyzed capital city Agartala. With few hours of rain, the whole Agartala City is flooding on Friday and the common people are unable to return from offices due to the waterlogging here.

The water-logging is nothing but a reflection of the corruption indulged by AMC in last few years.
During the Budget counter speech held on June 30, 2016, AMC Mayor Prafullajit Sinha placed vivid explanation about the expenditure from 2015 to 2016 and also placed the budget for the year 2016-17. During the budget counter speech he talked about various projects ongoing and also completed project among which Mayor claimed about the almost completion of JNNURM’s (Jawharlal Nehru Urban Development Mission) Rs. 102.22 crores, which was sanctioned for Storm Water Drainage system.

But in reality there is no sign of proper drainage yet arranged in Agartala city. With a few splash of rain the city dupes into water and water logging till waist, is very common for Agartala City.

Whereas West Bengal, Andra Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharasthra have completed the project long back in the year 2012, Tripura is suffering from water logging condition after every rain-splash.

 But surprisingly, in AMC Budget it has been shown that in the year 2015-16 the work has been completed almost.

As per the central provided project, the major components of the project  includes construction of storm Water Drainage system consisting of construction of brick masonry surface drains with desalting of the existing outfall.

 After implementation of this project the aim was removal of water logged areas during monsoon season but Agartala City’s condition has been remained as it is.

Heavy monsoon rainfall in Agartala resulted in water logging in the city, cause a lot of problems to the locals. Reportedly, there are 8 – 10 points in the city where water-logging are a perennial problem during monsoon, triggering severe traffic jams and flooding in various localities. Drain-water and  rainwater  flushes the households.

Thus it will be worthy mention here that whereas on the one hand Modi govt. trying to upgrade the city into a SMART City, on the other hand, the water-log problem battles with Modi’s SMART City vision.

 The water logging problem of Agartala seems unending as AMC failed to bring out 1 percent of solution to the water log problem here, but still in budget it has been shown that the work is almost completed.


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