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WAKE UP Home Minister Manik Sarkar !!! CPI-M's Lake Chowmuhani based mafia gang kidnapped 16 yrs old girl Susmita Debbarma 8 days back, authorities in slumber
TIWN Aug 10, 2017
WAKE UP Home Minister Manik Sarkar !!! CPI-M's Lake Chowmuhani based mafia gang kidnapped 16 yrs old girl Susmita Debbarma 8 days back, authorities in slumber
PHOTO : 16 years girl kidnapped. TIWN Pics

AGARTALA, Aug 10 (TIWN): A 16 years girl Susmita Debbarma, D/O- Lt. Salak Debbarma was kidnapped openly at the Lake Chowmuhani area from a rickshaw before 8 days at Buddha Mandir area. The incident took place on the heart of the capital city, after she was kidnapped just 10 months back in 2016 by the same gang. Just because once ruling party backed goon's lusty eyes fall on the girl, so she is the victim. The fatherless girl, who is her poor mother Anju Debbarma's all hopes was also kidnapped in 2016's Durga Puja times by Kutan Malakar (Bikash), S/O- Tapan Malakar. Later, police returned the girl without clarifying from where she was found actually. Till day police couldn't file the chargesheet of her kidnapping incident (of 2016, 31st October). Again after 10 months the same girl Susmita Debbarma when was coming with her sister from the quarter, a group of mafias led by Kutan Malakar and his friend Rahul Das had kidnapped her on Aug 3 (2017). The gang stopped the rickshaw and injuring the rickshaw driver were stretching her hand. When her sister protested, they attempted to throw the baby from her sister's laps. However, the baby was saved on the spot but the goons took away Susmita Debbarma by force and pressing her voice and mouth.

Immediately getting informed about the incident,  police rushed to the spot and took notes about the incident. Police also took statement from the rickshaw driver and told him if necessary police will call him.

Everyday her family members are begging helps from door to door but no hope, including the tribal leaders from ruling party. Whether she is alive or not, it's also unknown. State BJP held few protests but the path of justice seemed have been blocked from every corners.

Rahul Das who was with Kutan Malakar and helped to take Susmita Debbarma on scooty showing weapons and suppressing her mouth was taken to police station by the victim's family members, but West Women Police has also released Rahul Das.  

Police is doing just Nothing !

Now question raises, why police did not do anything ? Answered is : Kutan Malakar is brother of Gopal Malakar. Who is Gopal Malakar ? A big CPI-M leader whose father Piyari Malakar had married 4 times in his life !

The culprit Kutan Malakar allegedly has spoiled many minor girl's lives like this.  This family is the worst family in whole Lake Chowmuhani area, says report. A source said that Gopal Malakar's wife recently attempted to commit suicide due to his illegal affairs.

However, why this cadre is much powerful being mafia and friends of goons it's unknown. Police is also so afraid to take action that before 10 months, when the Susmita being 15 years girl was kidnapped (2016)  till day no chargesheet could be made by police neither any proper FIR has been lodged against Kutan Malakar.

After the last year's rescue of the girl police's statement and the girl's statements were different, but atleast her mother got back her daughter. But once again when she is 16, has been kidnapped.

What kind of police dept it is who can not get clues about the culprit when a girl is missing since 8 days. The culprit is also in hide.

A local source said 4 CPI-M leaders met the family to withdraw the case. Earlier, the family was threatened to withdraw the case if they want back their girl alive.

Where is Tripura's Home Minister Manik Sarkar ? From Anuara murder case to Susmita Debbarma, the Home Minister chooses to remain silent. Is it the way that he manage to keep his "Clean Image" up?  


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