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Bihar MLA’s lameduck branding Agartala as ‘Cleanest City’ mocks citizens
TIWN June 19, 2017
Bihar MLA’s lameduck branding Agartala as ‘Cleanest City’ mocks citizens
PHOTO : Main roads of Agartala submerged under water. Bihar MLAs meeting Tripura Dy Speaker at State guest house. TIWN Pic June 19

AGARTALA, June 19 (TIWN): Whereas from various parts of Agartala City images are coming along with complaints about the hurdles the common people that they are facing, Bihar MLA Ram Prit Paswan’s praising Agartala as the “Cleanest City” has insulted the common people’s of state, who are constantly suffering from miseries due to the pathetic condition of the city.

High-flying Ministers such comments give the corruption a free license to continue.

The main roads of Agartala has gone under water including the Minister’s residences too and Bihar MLA’s have found it a model City.

Bihar MLA Ram Prit Paswan while addressing Tripura media at State guest house said “Agartala is so clean and lacks dirty roads. Other cities should learn from Agartala about cleanliness”.

Bihar MLAs with other representatives have claimed for visiting the whole country and taking notes about development. However, how could they identify Agartala as the cleanest City it raised laughter.

The MLAs further praised the Northeast environment and its greenery.  Noteworthy, a committee led by MLA arrived in Tripura with MLA Ram Prit Paswan, MLA Pramod Kumar, MLA Vijay Kumar Sinha & more 9 Bihar Govt officials.


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