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No peace in Tripura Govt jobs : Even contractual SSA teachers accuse State Govt for per month 'pocket-cutting'
TIWN June 18, 2017
No peace in Tripura Govt jobs : Even contractual SSA teachers accuse State Govt for per month 'pocket-cutting'

AGARTALA, June 18 (TIWN): Atlast Tripura Govt has not left to loot the contractual teachers' pockets too, who are working under RMSA, SSA teachers and doing jobs as contractual workers. In a fresh setback, the SSA teachers accused Tripura Govt for looting SSA teachers’ salaries years after years. A figure out of the vanished amounts from teachers salaries has been released by SSA teachers saying per year looted amount by Tripura Govt are : Rs. 1,32,684 (Primary Teacher, those who completed 5 years), Rs. 44,010 (Primary Teacher, those who Not completed 5 years). In case of Upper primary those who completed 5 years) Tripura Govt looted Rs. 1,42,206, whereas in case of upper primary (Not completed 5 years) are : 50,000/-.. Eventhough Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar Thursday in a convention organized by pump operators said that Central Govt is the No.1 'pocket-mar', but here his own employees are calling his Govt as pocket cutter. Upper Primary (5 yrs completed):​ 1) In 2010-11 in case of Rs. 15000/- the Upper-primary teachers were provided with 9410 rupees and 5590 is vanished. Sometimes Govt gave 13134 vanishing Rs. 1866/-

2)In 2011-12 3 months Govt deprived Rs. 1581 and 3 months Rs. 793

3) In 2013-14  the looted money was recorded for 3 months with 2358 and 3 months with 1387 rupees

4) In 2014-15 3304 rupees were cut in April, May June, whereas 483 rupees were cut in January, Feb, March.

5) In 2015-16 Rs. 1467 in 3 months & Rs. 204 in next 3 months were cut.

6) In 2016-17 every months Rs. 3248 to Rs. 1425 were looted per month.

Upper Primary (Not completed 5 yrs):

1) In 2010-11 from Rs. 940 to Rs. 714 rupees were looted,

2) In 2011-12 also Rs. 874 to Rs. 437 were looted,

3) In 2013-14 from Rs. 1468 to 766 were looted,

4) In 2014-15 the amount of looting by finance dept went upto 2000 rupees.

It was the Upper Primary level teachers, but in case of Primary teachers also Govt showed no mercy. Every month from Rs. 4450, Rs. 1278, Rs. 3007 Rs. 2027 in various figures the fund were looted.

Teachers have demanded to refund the amount with 3 more demands.

Their demands are :

1) For primary and upper primary teachers, teachers training should be implemented as soon as possible,

2)The teachers who died during job tenure, their families should be given Rs. 5 lakhs rupees each and 1 person should be given job from that family,

3)The teachers who completed 60 years as SSA teachers, they should be given Rs. 10 lakhs each,

4)SSA teachers are deprived of full salary, although Central Govt is sending the 100 % salaries. The teachers demanded to diminish the discrimination of salaries with Centre, as the teachers are not even getting pensions.


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