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No call yet for Tripura Govt's exclusive 13000 jobs' interviews : Resentment brewed among 10,323 Teachers
TIWN June 18, 2017
No call yet for Tripura Govt's exclusive 13000 jobs' interviews : Resentment brewed among 10,323 Teachers

AGARTALA, June 18 (TIWN): Resentment has brewed among the 10,323 teachers as the 13,000 posts yet to be released with interview call that were created to control the anger of the public after Tripura Govt had lost in Supreme Court and the teachers had lost their jobs. This imaginary jobs working just as artificial chicken lollypops are kept just for show. A source said that the 10,323 teachers will wait till September month and then they will start protest against the govt; even they can go the court also. Eventhough Tripura Govt created 13,000 non-teaching posts with the criteria of 3 to 5 years teaching experience, but the Govt yet to release the job advertisement. The delay game of the state govt has vexed the 10,323 teachers as already it's the middle of June and after 6 months they will lose their jobs. Tripura Govt's delay game till 2018 election with the 13,000 posts may turn heavy upon the Govt as the deprived 10,323 teachers will go in massive protest in coming days if the teachers are not given jobs in other depts.

It's worthy to mention here that the Finance Minister Bhnaulal Saha told media later that not only 10,323 but any teacher with 3 to 5 years of experience  from any Govt recognized school will be able to face the interview.

Moreover, the posts that were created some of them are out of world dictionary.

All these have created once again much uncertainty among the discontinued 10,323 teachers.

 However, like 962 science graduate teachers, Tripura Govt was given a full luxurious option of appointing 58 petitioners in jobs in 2014's 10,323 case-hearing. Had Tripura Govt accepted the first option and appointed 58 teachers in jobs, then today total 10,381 teachers (including 58 deprived youths) jobs would be safe. But due to Govt’s arrogance all the hapless teachers lost their jobs, neither those 58 unemployed youths got any job. Thus High Court this time did not go for any chance and directly ordered the state govt to appoint those 10 petitioners in jobs as per their position. With a historical move Justice S Talapatra has saved teachers' livelihoods, as if Tripura Govt was given with the same option again, then the result would be much more political rather than logical, especially when Election is knocking the door.

Today, 10,323 teachers who will lose their teachers jobs in December have gathered before Rabindra Bhawan and discussed for hours what they should do. There were also exchanges of arguments in front of the Rabindra Bhawan.

Manik Sarkar led CPI-M Govt’s biggest face loss caused due to Chief Minister’s arrogance in accepting Tripura High Court’s May 7,2014 verdict in cancelling 10323 illegally appointed teacher jobs. On March-29 in a humanaitarian gesture to 10323 teachers mentioned that the teachers will continue their jobs till 2017, 31st Dec. 

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