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Tripura tops in Commodity Price among all Indian States : Domestic production downed in last 5 yrs, GDP lowest in the country
TIWN June 18, 2017
Tripura tops in Commodity Price among all Indian States : Domestic production downed in last 5 yrs, GDP lowest in the country
PHOTO : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar, Finance Minister Bhnalal Saha. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, June 18 (TIWN): With a shocking revelation it has been known that Tripura is the state where commodity price is the highest, amidst lowest DGP rate in the country turning the lives here miserable for the common people. However, Assam's Tejpur has ranked now the top most city where price hike has sky-rocketed but that is a particular town, whereas Tripura is a state which immediately comes after Tejpur town. In this condition the long deprivation to the Tripura Govt employees, the down in domestic production, loss in GDP have turned the issue more critical. But before 5 years the situation was somehow better when a huge number of Tripura people were engaged in agriculture. Tripura’s GDP growth rate is only 7 %, which is the lowest in the whole country even worse than Jharkhand and any North Eastern States.

Tripura CM generally lectures how to develop the economy of the country and how to increase the country made source of income with example of Russia, Cuba, Syria etc. But evicting Make-In-India project, under Tripura Govt the business has turned fully dependent on exported items from outside.

Tripura’s slow GDP growth rate which has left the state without development, day by day its increasing the unemployment rate here in the state, whereas due to lack of Industrialization public's source of income has remained very slow but yet the state govt is not ready to adopt any private partner policy.

Public-private partnership (PPP) is a funding model for a public infrastructure project such as a new telecommunications system, airport or power plant, which has brought success in many states. The public partner is represented by the government at a local, state and/or national level, but Tripura Govt who instead of massive failure in industrialization, is not ready to adopt the PPP model and ended by saying, “…’s a bogus policy!”

Due to lack of industry it’s generating huge number of unemployed youths in state? Among 36 lakhs of its population as per govt record there are  7 lakhs unemployed youths who have entered names in Employment-registers. Apart from that the unofficial unemployed rate is touching almost the population number.

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