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AMC's mass corruption, poor planning turned Manik Sarkar's 'SMART CITY' Agartala into public drain : Capital City's School Education paralyzed after one day rain
TIWN June 17, 2017
AMC's mass corruption, poor planning turned Manik Sarkar's 'SMART CITY' Agartala into public drain  : Capital City's School Education paralyzed after one day rain
PHOTO : Water-log blocks Pragati School way. TIWN Pic June 17

AGARTALA, June 17 (TIWN): Tripura CPI-M Govt's corruption, AMC's poor planning gets exposed whenever a splash of rain turns so called 'Smart City' Agartala into a public drain. AMC covered all public drains resulting fast bucks for communist party contractors which in turn enriched cash flow for CPI-M. As expected, with various fresh troubles the monsoon has hit the state already. The school education system has been paralyzed at Pragati School in the capital city following the incessant rain of Friday. Eventhough AMC Councilor Durga Prasad Chakraborty visited the school in the morning but he diverted the allegation with the full promise of solving the problem. Presently a temporary drain is getting constructed by local workers. The councilor also alleged that there various works as setting tube wells are going on across the area of Krishnanagar by DWS that leading some critical conditions. However, why in winter season such works were not done so that a hurdle-less monsoon can be spent this time, question raised.

As an excuse, the councilor also said that the field has been downed in compare to the last year and so such situations are creating. This is nothing new however for state Tripura & its public. 

On Friday public were found swimming over the roads of Agartala. Till day it has remained as a distance dream to convert Agartala city into a smart city--- as the city has neither any organized building construction, now it has any proper drainage system. The water-logging is nothing but a reflection of the corruption indulged by AMC in last few years, said a local at Krishnanagar.

During the Budget counter speech held on June 30, 2016, AMC Mayor Prafullajit Sinha placed vivid explanation about the expenditure from 2015 to 2016 and also placed the budget for the year 2016-17. During the budget counter speech he talked about various projects ongoing and also completed project among which Mayor claimed about the almost completion of JNNURM’s (Jawharlal Nehru Urban Development Mission) Rs. 102.22 crores, which was sanctioned for Storm Water Drainage system.

But in reality there is no sign of proper drainage yet arranged in Agartala city. With a few splash of rain the city dupes into water and water logging till waist, is very common for Agartala City.

Whereas West Bengal, Andra Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharasthra have completed the project long back in the year 2012, Tripura is suffering from water logging condition after every rain-splash.

But surprisingly, in AMC Budget it has been shown that in the year 2015-16 the work has been completed almost but now after 2years it has revealed instead of development, the whole fund remained unutilized or swallowed. 

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