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'Sell Half, Keep Half...... Inquilab Zindabad !', says Birjit Sinha against fixed-pay salary system of Left Front Govt
TIWN May 18, 2017
'Sell Half, Keep Half...... Inquilab Zindabad !', says Birjit Sinha against fixed-pay salary system of Left Front Govt
PHOTO : Birjit Sinha protesting in front of Secretariat. TIWN Pic May 18

AGARTALA, May 18 (TIWN): 'It is the policy of CPI-M Govt in Tripura to keep people's stomachs half-full & half-empty so that for the rest-half they will come in political rally', during 24 hours strike Tripura Congress Chief told media on Thursday. The issue was raised when Sinha was arrested during 24 hours protest at West PS and media asked him what is his opinion about 12,000 vacant posts created by left front govt in Education Dept. Sinha replied, 'That's a very good initiative but proper interview process, merit selection should be given priority without any "Redism" in the recruitment process". Asking about the teachers who will go back to fixed salary system, Sinha siad, "This is nothing, but Communists' policy of feeding people half and keeping the half for future, so that CPI-M's rally can be strengthen".

"Sell Hall, Keep half (Adha Bech, adha rakh)...Inquilab Zindabad".... the worst ever policy to fool the unemployed, employed all", Sinha added. 

Sinha also demanding about unemployment allowance for the 7 lakhs unemployed youths in Tripura.

'Before  25 years it was Manik Sarkar who demanded this unemployment allowance in Congress Era, but after 24 years of Communist regime, CPI-M Govt couldn't provide them allowances', said Sinha.

It's noteworthy, Tripura Govt loots the first 5 years of Govt Employees salaries keeping them in fixed pay system, whereas Central Govt sends the whole money for the employees. Apart from these Govt Employees, SSA, RMSA teachers' salaries also cut by the state govt but where these money go nobody knows.

However, Congress has called for the strike with 12 points of demands including hilly areas issues. From the morning Congress held various protests including tire burning, blocking secretariat way, halting transport; later the Congress activists were arrested.


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