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Congress called 24 hours strike paralyzed normal lives in Tripura : transport movement halted
TIWN May 18, 2017
Congress called 24 hours strike paralyzed normal lives in Tripura : transport movement halted
PHOTO : Strike paralyzed normal lives at Agartala. TIWN Pic May 18

AGARTALA, May 18 (TIWN): A 24 hours strike called by Congress has paralyzed normal lives in Tripura on Thursday. This strike was called by Congress with their 12 points of demands has heavily disturbed the normal lives, whereas Govt has not supported the strike. This one day strike however caused heavy losses for the daily workers, retailers vegetable/ fish sellers as on Wednesday night the hawkers were found selling veg/fish items at half price amidst full day off-business on Thursday. Apart from that transport was found fully paused in the morning at Agartala's Nagerjala bus stand and other subdivision too, halting the normal travels of common people.

Congress will raise 12 points of demands throughout the whole day during various protests, including Chit Fund issues, 10,323 teachers who lost their jobs, demand for 7th Pay Commission, instead of TTADC to launch TTAC other demands.

However, with all these the normal lives have been heavily disturbed and a source said that CPI-M has allegedly silently supported the strike, whereas officially it opposed it. 

Congress has called this strike demanding certain points among them Chit Fund issues of the state is first priority. About the Chit fund issue Pradesh Congress Chief Birjit Sinha said on the background of the strike, ‘Under CPI-M Govt 14 lakhs people lost their money in chit-fund, but the both the state & central Govt. Our demand is from both the Govts; we demand CBI inquiry in Rose Valley from the centre, whereas from CPI-M led state govt our demand is to refund the chit fund victims by selling the properties of Chit Fund companies”. “Earlier, the chit fund owners wrote CM Manik Sarkar asking him to sell the property and return the people their lost money, but CM didn’t take any action”, said Sinha.


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