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2nd recruitment scam begins after SC's verdict on 10323 termination : Manik Govt says 'Teachers to be recruited in other posts, 12,000 vacancies to be filled up, CPI-M's 2018 Poll promise to fool masses continue
TIWN May 17, 2017
2nd recruitment scam begins after SC's verdict on 10323 termination : Manik Govt says 'Teachers to be recruited in other posts, 12,000 vacancies to be filled up, CPI-M's 2018 Poll promise to fool masses continue
PHOTO : Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty held press conference at State Secretariat on wednesday. TIWN Pic May 17

AGARTALA, May 17 (TIWN): Supreme Court & Tripura High Courts tight slaps on Manik Sarkar Govt seems not enough after CPI-M Govt lost face miserably with the termination of 10323 teachers illegal recruitment and finally 2018 Assembly Election poll-bound CPI-M created an imaginary ‘gift’ for 10,323 teachers setting the dais for another set of illegal recruitment of 12,000 Govt Employees in Education Dept. Giving a signal that 'Tripura Govt is with 10,323 teachers' Minister Tapan Chakraborty declared that 12,000 posts in Education Dept to be filled up (even though State Govt has no money). Whereas since years, 2000 posts could not been filled up, all of a sudden Tripura Govt has released offer for 12,000 Education Dept Employees posts in 4 categories to save 10,323 teachers, that generated much resentment among the 7 lakhs of unemployed youths in Tripura. Reportedly, as for 1) Academic Councilor 1200 posts, 2) Student Councilor 3,400, 3) School Library Assistant 1,500, 4) School Assistant 5,600 posts.

Academic Counsellor (1200), Student Counsellor (4300), School Library Assistant (1500) and Hostel Warden (300) with 5 years experience & for School Assistant posts  3 years of teaching experience”.

This announcement has triggered much controversy among the unemployed youths, when State Govt's various Depts are yet left full of vacancies. Question also raised, whether it will be an walk-in-interview system or written test, as under Group-C, Group-D also as per UPSC's guideline it's mandatory to have a written test.

Tripura's poor Education system never bothered for Student Councilor,  School Library Assistant, School Assistant and academic councilor, but suddenly why the need for librarians was felt by Tripura Govt it's well known.  Suddenly 5,600 school assistants requirement is nothing but a joke.  However, teachers will become now 'School Assistant' that means s/he will assist a teachers but not a 100 % teachers]. However, after all Election is nearby and how many changes, modifications come till 2018 it's yet to be seen.

Tripura Govt lost the illegally appointed 10,323 teachers case on Wednesday at the Supreme Court. Manik Sarkar led CPI-M Govt’s biggest face loss caused due to Chief Minister’s arrogance in accepting Tripura High Court’s May 7,2014 verdict in cancelling 10323 illegally appointed teacher jobs. Supreme Court in a humanaitarian gesture to 10323 teachers mentioned that the teachers will continue their jobs till 2017, 31st Dec.

But CPI-M Govt consistently said "SC's decision is inhuman, SC is ruled by RSS....", so CPI-M Govt has made its own rule as a part of damage repairing. But question raises, how far Injustice will rule Tripura as it's said that "Corruption has the Last End" !

Govt Press release :  "It has been observed through different surveys and result of Board examinations that quality of education need further improvement to achieve the desire level. For example the H.S (+2)Stage and Madhyamik examination have shown that results are almost static as various level even though the education is free moreover most of the students are getting Stipends and Scholarship of different categories the State government accorded top priority in improving infrastructural facilities, Mid Day Meal quality, free distribution of books and uniforms etc for student of the government Schools. In order to further strengthen the system a concerted action is required  to further improve, students and teacher capacities impart continuous guidance and set up mechanism to monitor the learning process of students at different levels. Therefore it has been decided to supplement the existing resources to achieve the goals set by the RTE Act 2009.To ensure that teachers are not engaged in non teaching activities mandated by the RTE Act necessary supporting field staff need to be engaged after due process.Therefore Council of ministers have approved  the Recruitment Rules (RRS)and creation and filling up of 12000 posts." 

Needless to say cash strapped State Govt has no funds for paying salary to these ‘imaginary’12,000 posts for which no allocations from Central Govt either. Manik Govt failed to pay even 6th and 7th pay commission recomemndations so how the clown Tapan Chakraborty declares additional 12,000 new posts for recruitment ? This is nothing but to pacify agitating 10323 teachers families who are already counting on BJP to help them after 2018 Assembly election.

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