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Will Mamata's intimacy with CPI-M destroy TMCs' future in Tripura ? Does Mamata really want to wipe out CPI-M from Tripura or is she more keen with 2019 dream?
Amitabha Sengupta, Nov 16, 2016
Will Mamata's intimacy with CPI-M  destroy TMCs' future in Tripura ? Does Mamata really want to wipe out CPI-M from Tripura or is she more keen with 2019 dream?
PHOTO : Mamata Banerjee with Yechury.TIWN Pic Nov 16

AGARTALA, Nov 16 (TIWN): In a quite unexpected call West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, known to be hardliner against CPI-M, invited CPI-M to join hands with her in her battle against the Modi gov't regarding demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1000 currency notes. Mamata initially invited the West Bengal leadership but the Bengal line immediately refused her appeal. Being refused by them Mamata called CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury over phone and accordingly in a recent meeting held in the house of Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad TMC leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay and CPI-M , CPI leaders were seen sitting side by side . This news has indeed saddened the hearts of thousands of anti-CPI-M supporters , who recently joined TMC leaving Congress for the alleged secret alliance between CPI-M and Congress. Now with the new developments took place TMC supporters in Tripura are more or less demoralized. Political experts predict that this strategy of Mamta will surely have a negative impact in the upcoming bi-election in Barjala and Khowai assembly constituencies.

Already in national media as well as in most of the local media this news(Mamata's call to CPI-M) has been published and with this the TMC workers got a shock as they could not have expected such a move from Mamata especially ahead of the bi-election. The enthusiasm with which thousands of workers joined TMC was clearly a one point agenda- neck to neck fight against CPI-M with the prime objective of defeating Manik Sarkar led Left Front Gov't in 2018 assembly poll. But all on a sudden questions are being raised from all corners whether it will only be futile to expect such thing at present.

 Actually Mamata might have a thought that in Tripura there is only two seats in Lok Sabha. After the massive victory in the West Bengal poll for the second consecutive time Mamata is eyeing for the 2019 Lok Sabha Poll. Indeed, her only area is to form a federal front projecting herself as the leader for the Prime Ministerial candidate . And with this aim in her mind Mamata knows I categorically that without Congress, Mulayam, Mayawati, Nitish-Laloo, Jayalaita her dream can't be a reality. With this object Mamata has thought that even Left parties, though irrelevant  at the national level at present , can't be ignored. It is expected that as the Left came to power in Tripura the combine is likely to win maximum seats from Kerala in 2019 and if such happens Left too will be a strong ally . And at that time it won't matter whether two seats from Tripura are under CPI-M or any other party( excluding BJP). Because even if CPI-M does not support her party to form gov't CPI-M, CPI will surely support from outside with certain specific conditions.

        Thus, some questions definitely arise :-

1) Is Mamata really keen to wipe out CPI-M from Tripura?

2) Isn't she dreaming for 2019 goal ?

3) Will this step destroy the future of Trinamool Congress at the very beginning ?

4) What will happen I situation compels Mamata to form alliance with Congress, Left and other like minded parties at the national level ?

5) Won't this step will help Manik Sarkar & Co to retain their supremacy in this hilly state ?

6) Is Mamata assisting the CPI-M to gain momentum at the national level ?

When most of the people of the country especially the common people are supporting Modi's step of demonetisation , Mamata's protests is quite unjustified. Simply to oppose in the name of opposition has no practical value in modern day politics. Even the Chinese media praised PM Modi for his brave initiative. The Chinese media termed this initiative as ' a fierce fight against corruption and black money '. Thus,  strategically it will be harakiri for TMC tp go with CPI-M . But some people are saying that many of Mamata's leaders have amassed immense wealth by means of  chit fund like Sarada, Rose Valley etc. This might have encouraged to go against Centre's initiative . But her effort will only mean debacle for TMCs Tripura unit led by team  Sudip . 

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