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Uncertainty looms over 10,323 teacher termination : Once again the SC postponed hearing date to April 21, fate hangs in balance
Uncertainty looms over 10,323 teacher termination : Once again the SC postponed hearing date to April 21, fate hangs in balance
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : 10323 teachers 'dharna' at Agartala

AGARTALA, Feb 29 (TIWN): In another major blow to hapless teachers, once again the Apex court has postponed the date of hearing for the teacher terminated case on April 21.It is to be mentioned here that the much awaited 10,323 teacher termination case which was supposed to be produced before the Apex court on Monday is once again postponed and the next hearing for the case will be done on April 21.It seems like uncertainty looms large over the progress of the case. Like previous year it seems that this year also the case may longer with the excuse of postponed.Supreme Court has been hearing the case following the interlocutory application filed by the Tripura Govt. challenging the High Court’s verdict on May 7, 2014.According to the reports, in the year 2014 the Apex Court stayed the HC order to terminate the jobs of at least 10, 323 teachers and allowed them to continue their service until the final disposal of the case.However, Supreme Court was supposed to hear the interlocutory application long back which was filed by the Tripura Government to save the terminated jobs of at least 10, 323 Graduate, Under Graduate and Postgraduate teachers.Earlier Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty expressed that the State Government is very hopeful for a positive outcome. Besides, he also said that if the outcome is positive than jobs of many youths will be saved. But as per legal experts, Tripura Govt very likely to lose the case in SC as High Court already given verdict cancelling all 10323 teachers appointments.

It is to be mentioned here that the teacher terminated case was suppose to be produced before the court long back but due to some unknown reasons the case has been kept on postponing.

Though it was expected that this time is would be possible to produce the case before the court on February 29, once again the case has been postponed on April 21.

It is to be mentioned here that a division bench of the Tripura High Court, comprising Chief Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Swapan Chandra Das, in its judgment May 7, 2014 terminated the jobs of 10,323 government school teachers citing discrimination and irregularities.

Besides, the Tripura High Court also asked the state government to put in place a fresh recruitment process by December 2014 and frame a new employment policy within two months.

It is to be mentioned here that Left Front Government of Tripura have recruited 1,100 post-graduate and 4,617 graduate teachers in 2010 and 4,606 under-graduate teachers in December 2013.

However, after prolonged several months also the case has not been solved yet. Every time the case has been produced before the court, it gets delayed. The delay in the judgement leads to uncertainty over the fate of 10, 323 teachers.

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