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Minister Badal Chowdhury endorsed allegation of Opposition on Rose Valley scam: Sudip credits Badal; CM lying to the people, claims Barman
Minister Badal Chowdhury endorsed allegation of Opposition on Rose Valley scam: Sudip credits Badal; CM lying to the people, claims Barman
PHOTO : 2008 Newspaper Photo : CM Manik Sarkar inaugurating Rose Valley Park

AGARTALA, April 6 (TIWN): Opposition leader Sudip Roy Barman crediting the former Finance Minister Badal Chowdhury claimed that Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has been lying the common masses of the state stating that he didn’t know the real entity of Rose valley chit fund company. Barman on Sunday evening talking to TIWN thanked Minister Badal Chowdhury for his move to bring the “Govt. knew Rose valley’s real entity in 1998” under limelight. However it is mentionable here that recently Badal Chowdhury confirmed the state govt. was aware about the real entity of rose valley group of company.Saying that Minister Badal Chowdhury has endorsed all the allegations brought by the opposition, Barman claimed that Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has been fooling the people of the state by stating he was not aware of the illegal trade of the rose valley chit fund company. Earlier denying the allegation of Barman, Manik Sarkar indicated, "I along with Congress legislator Dilip Sarkar attended the inaugural function of the Rose Valley park in July 2008. At that time, I was not aware that the Rose Valley group is a chit fund organization." But the statement of Badal Chowdhury recently made it crystal clear that the so called clean image Manik sarkar inspite of his knowledge had attended the inauguration programme of Rose valley at Amtali.

However, though the former Finance Minister Chowdhury had  denied the state govt.’s involvement to chit fund companies, but it’s a time now for CM Manik sarkar to find his place here amidst several allegations against him from different field including the national media.

Refuting the charges of giving land to rose valley Minister Badal Chowdhury said, “The govt. has not given any land to rose valley as reported in a section of media. In course it has come to the limelight that the rose valley has illegally acquired a land in Amtali to set up the park.” However talking on this issue today Barman said, “I thank Badal Chowdhury for highlighting the fact, but here what would CM say that he was not aware of it again?” well! To comment here this would been an another mistake for Manik Sarkar because “Rose valley has encroached 13.40 acres of land to make Rose Valley Park and the revenue department here has already initiated legal action against the chit fund companies,” claimed CM’s Minister Badal Chowdhury recently.

"Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, several ministers and CPI-M leaders had on a number of occasions attended the functions of chit fund organizations inspite of the knowledge that Rose Valley is a chit fund company," Barman reiterated today.

The State General Secretary , Bijan Dhar, who is in charge of the party’s political matters in Tripura even showed his annoyance in the alleged affiliation of the state chief minister with the Chit fund company Rose Valley and said that the chief minister could have averted the visit to the company’s programs. Lower level party workers in the state too are disrupted with the alleged relationship of the top leaders of the party in the state like rest of the top leadership of the party nationwide.  

However, to mention here the recent development in the political circles and media has compelled the CPM leadership to rethink on its sole weapon “Manik’s charismatic image”. Beside, the opposition leader Sudip Roy Barman is again all set to pile another heat to Manik’s image further in national level at Kolkata on Monday.  The proposed Press Meet of Barman in Kolkata Press Club on Monday is expected to further put the party’s leadership in the country in confusion over its projection of Manik Sarkar as a charismatic character with clean image. 

Video link of "Clean" Chief Minister Manik Sarkar praising Rose Valley and its scamster Chairman Gautam Kundu

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