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Birjit Sinha felicitated at Udaipur; Rati Mohan rejoins Congress
Birjit Sinha felicitated at Udaipur; Rati Mohan rejoins Congress
PHOTO : Birjit Sinha felicitated at Udaipur, Rati Mohan Jamatia joins in Congress. TIWN Pic Jan 30

UDAIPUR, January 30 (TIWN): In its first visit to the Lake City Udaipur after becoming PCC PRESIDENT for the first time Birjit Sinha was given warm reception at the District Congress Bhawan by leaders and workers and supporters. Birjit Sinha was accompanied by Billal Miah, Youth Congress Vice President Sushanta Chakraborty, Youth Congress General Secretary Bapi Roy and others.

The most important event of the day was the rejoining of former Minister Roti Mohan Jamatia into Congress.

Dejected by the TMC leadership and its functioning Roti Mohan decided to quit TMC and along with 500 supporters came back to Congress. This is considered to be a major boosting for Congress ahead of TTAADC election especially at Udaipur. Earlier MLA Pranajit Singha Roy and others received and felicitated PCC President Birjit Sinha with flowers and welcomed him to Udaipur. After this PCC President held meetings with Congress leaders and workers. Later on speaking to the workers and supporters Birjit Sinha said," AICC has chosen me for this post at a really tough time when Congress itself is facing a hard time after being defeated in Lok Sabha poll.

"Even in Tripura we are out of power for more than twenty years. And in such a critical time it is needed to work unitedly and fight against the corruption now very rampant in the state. I assure you that I will do my best to make Congress even more stronger day by day and in this regard TTAADC election is my first priority. " Birjit Sinha declared that Congress will form 9 Committees each having 25 members to frame strategies for the TTAADC election. These committees will work in the tribal areas campaigning against the miss rule of CPI(M) . PCC President believes that if Congress workers and leaders work unitedly , even at this crucial time the party can deliver for the people of the state. 

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