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7423 voters joined Congress on Gandhi Jayanti
TIWN Oct 2, 2023
7423 voters joined Congress on Gandhi Jayanti
PHOTO : 7423 voters joined Congress on Gandhi Jayanti. TIWN Pic Oct 2, 2023

AGARTALA, Oct 2 (TIWN): On the day of Gandhi Jayanti Congress organized a joining Program at Post Office Chowmuhani in Agartala. In the joining program total 7423 voters joined Congress from 1473 families and Congress welcomed the new joiners.

In the joining program, Congress leader Sudip Barman said, “The state’s and Adivaasi people realized, the only way to survive is Congress, the opposite name of Democracy is Congress, the party which fight against the Dictatorship is Congress”. He also said that the Adivasi people realised to strong the Congress Party. Barman, while delivering speech with strong voice stated that not only in Tripura the wave of Congress is going on in entire Country.

However, in the Program many Congress leaders and other dignitaries were present. 

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