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Oppositions remain merely as ‘Prey’ to BJP Party in Tripura
TIWN Sep 14, 2023
Oppositions remain merely as ‘Prey’ to BJP Party in Tripura
PHOTO : BJP celebrates, CPI-M gloom after poll rigging and poll defeat in Tripura. TIWN Pic Sep 14, 2023

AGARTALA, Sep 14 (TIWN): Amid the slow death of media in India, like many other states, in Tripura, the opposition parties remained just as the actors for democracy where fake votes, election frauds, and booth capturing are not even countered to be discussed or challenged. In the recently held by-polls in Tripura although opposition parties alleged “mass rigging” the reality is opposition since 2018 consistently failed to stop mass rigging in the state. Even after lots of video footage covered in few media over rigging in Boxanagar and Dhanpur constituency, the Election Dept to Judiciary, all remained in paralyzed mode, and the failure of the opposition to raise their voice and the media’s silence shadowed the opposition parties.

Opposition CPI-M also turned into a total failure in negotiation with non-BJP parties. Although the embarrassing defeat has been labelled by CPI-M results of Election Commission’s no role in stopping rigging but in 2023’s reality, BJP has won by-poll has bagged both seats.

Election has turned into a joke in Tripura and due to the “Double Engine” Govt, no action is expected from any Central organization just like these organizations are taking interest in West Bengal’s affairs. 

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