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‘A percentage of Fake Voting is a Fact’ : CEO
TIWN July 30, 2022
‘A percentage of Fake Voting is a Fact’ : CEO
PHOTO : CEO Kiren Gitte addressing media. TIWN Pic July 30, 2022

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): Tripura Election Dept on Saturday has accepted that Fake vote casts is not a Fake-allegation and Election Commission has set certain guidelines to curb the fake voting.

CEO Kiran Gitte has announced about linking of Adhaar and the voter ID-cards and said Tripura Election dept will do that by visiting house to house.

According to him, it can reduce the percentage of fake voting.

Other information related to new guidelines were also given like a person does not has to be 18+ to register his / her name in Electoral list as now from 17 years the names can be registered so that when the person is 18+ can cast votes.

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