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‘By Stopping Ambulance Services BJP has revealed its Anti-People Stance’ : CPI-M
TIWN Jan 18, 2022
‘By Stopping Ambulance Services BJP has revealed its Anti-People Stance’ : CPI-M
PHOTO : Ambulance Services stopped in Tripura. TIWN Pic on Jan 7, 2022

AGARTALA, Jan 18 (TIWN): The opposition CPI-M on Tuesday has slammed the BJP led Tripura Govt over stopping ambulance services in state. Speaking in a party programme, CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar said, “From farmers' issue to Tripura’s undemocratic suppression of opposition voice are marks of BJP Govt’s anti-people attitude. Only an inhuman, anti-people Govt can take a decision of stopping ambulance services in a state”. The statement came after a gross violation of people’s constitutional right which falls under “Right to Life” in Tripura has been reported on January 7 after Biplab Deb Govt had stopped ambulance services for an unknown period of time.

State-wide, patients are not receiving responses and on being asked, the on-duty officials said they have instructions to stop the service temporarily.

The direction to stop the ambulance service has come directly from the Health Dept.

"There is nothing in our hands. We got the instruction from the Health dept and so we are following that. Still we will try to give service if there is any critical incident", said the official while showing reasons behind the disruption of the ambulance service. TIWN YouTube Video, CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar's statement

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