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Protests staged against Privatization of School Education
TIWN Dec 8, 2021
Protests staged against Privatization of School Education
PHOTO : Protests staged against Privatization of School Education by Anti-Privatization Forum. TIWN Pic Dec 8, 2021

AGARTALA, Dec 8 (TIWN): Protests began in Tripura against the “privatization” of Tripura schools. The Anti-Privatization forum in Tripura has come forward to question the Govt about various doubts and employment-related setbacks for the job aspirants. The Forum asked when Tripura Govt has assured about 25% students’ free education, what will happen to 75% students? Moreover, the notification clearly shows that the appointment of teachers will be done by private-hands and DM-committee. Why not TRBT ?? A member of the forum said, “Govt has claimed that by 3 to 5years the private sectors have to ensure more enrolments. If private sectors can increase the enrolment, why can’t the Govt do so ?”

“We have no clear idea about Vidya Jyoti schools. Moreover, when the Govt has talked about low-enrolment schools, many famous schools’ names have been shown. It has been said 1400 teachers will be recruited and so the question is, what about the existing teachers? We demand, our schools should not be handed over to private schools. Private organizations will never work without profits”, said the Forum.

“Govt should find out why zero enrolments in rural areas? Such schools should be developed by the State Govt. How can private companies develop them ?”, said the forum. 

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