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Tripura BJP MLA Arun Bhoumik Booms National Media Headlines after Pro-Taliban comment
TIWN Aug 20, 2021
Tripura BJP MLA Arun Bhoumik Booms National Media Headlines after Pro-Taliban comment
PHOTO : BJP MLA Arun Bhoumik became nationally infamous over his Pro-Taliban comment.

AGARTALA, Aug 20 (TIWN): Tripura BJP MLA Arun Chandra Bhoumik is under severe controversy after his Pro-Taliban comment in a party meeting on Wednesday. Various national media have reported on his remark and criticism sparked out nationally. However, no apology was made on his part since the statement was delivered which allegedly fueled violence and attacks on opposition in the state.The controversy erupted after the MLA in a party meeting at Belonia sub-division asked BJP kariyakartas to attack on the Trinamool in Taliban model as soon as they arrive in Agartala Airport. Trinamool leader Ritabrata Banerjee has slammed BJP MLA Arun Chandra Bhoumik over his pro-Taliban statement, saying, "When the whole world is against the Taliban, here a BJP MLA is supporting the Taliban. MLA Arun Bhoumik has said that Trinamool should be attacked in Taliban style. My question is, does he have collections of modern weapons like the Taliban ?"  

"The MLA who has taken oath under the constitution, asked his people to attack the opposition in the Taliban model. However, after his speech, the BJP workers did the same and caused various attacks on the Trinamool members. BJP is also trying to make such a Govt, following fascist rules like Hitler".

"From the attack on Abhishek Banerjee to many attacks took place on the Trinamool members but in no incident, arrests were made. Along with TMC members, their old mothers are not even spared from these attacks. But by organizing such violent attacks, they can not do anything", said Banerjee. TIWN YouTube Link, TMC leader Ritabrata Banerjee's statement
Ritabrata Banerjee also asked BJP to clear its stand on Taliban. TIWN YouTube Link, BJP MLA Arun Bhoumik's Pro-Taliban speech
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