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31 month's BJP rule fails to function Double-Engine : No fulfillment of Pre-Election Promises
TIWN Oct 16, 2020
31 month's BJP rule fails to function Double-Engine : No fulfillment of Pre-Election Promises
PHOTO : BJP's pre-poll promises to the people of Tripura.

AGARTALA, Oct 16 (TIWN): Tripura BJP’s 2 and half year misrule continues as public sufferings spiked high amid various FAKE promises in Vision Document but BJP failed to keep a single promise yet. When BJP is celebrating Good Governance everyday, the CPI-M and Congress have slammed the BJP over its failure to fulfill Vision Document promises.The opposition CPI-M had released a horrifying data of total 13 party workers’ murder and multi thousand people left injured after physically attacked in last 2 years. Social media users have been constantly asking the BJP Govt what about various promises done to the youths before election about jobs and industries, filling up massive vacant posts ? Tripura senior Congress leader Gopal Roy asked, why the BJP is celebrating today ? Is it for their success or for defeat ?

Gopal Roy was asked by media to react on BJP’s observation of “Mukti Diwas”, when CPI-M is observing “Black Day”. Gopal Roy said that only giving JUMLA promises have been the job of the BJP in last 2 years.  Gopal Roy said, when CPI-M took the state into ventilation, the BJP has converted it into coma condition.  “Total 299 promises were given in Vision Document. Totally failure to fulfill Vision Document. So, I want to ask, why did CM visit Udaipur Matabari. What did he tell to Goddess Tripura Sundari ? About his success or his failure ?”, he said.  “BJP’s main promise was 50,000 Govt jobs in first one year but only JUMLA and JUMLA have been performed in last 2 years. Now vacant posts have increased at 65,000”, he said.

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