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‘Lt. Bina Pani Roy was Murdered through Medical Negligence, Faulty tests’, says TIWN Editor, hits GB COVID-19 Centre as ‘HELL’ : Bashed Biplab deb Govt’s propaganda to label each 'Correct Information' as ‘Fake News’
TIWN Aug 10, 2020
‘Lt. Bina Pani Roy was Murdered through Medical Negligence, Faulty tests’, says TIWN Editor, hits GB COVID-19 Centre as ‘HELL’ : Bashed Biplab deb Govt’s propaganda to label each 'Correct Information' as ‘Fake News’
PHOTO : Left : TIWN Editor live from USA, Screenshot from FB, Right : GB COVID-19 centre, Battala crematorium, a deceased was cremated.

AGARTALA, Aug 10 (TIWN): TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar on Sunday evening 10 pm talk show from USA has condemned GB hospital’s hellish situations and Tripura Govt’s propaganda machinery to label each “Correct” information as “Fake News”. Calling Lt. Bina Pani Roy's unfortunate death as a "murder" in medical negligence, Sarkar has bashed the Health Dept's failure under Biplab Deb Govt. Addressing the state live in his Facebook, TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar said, “In last 1-Week, the positive development has been about the withdrawal of the illegal suspension order of Dr Uttam Bhattacharjee under media, public and Doctors led protests by Biplab Deb Govt, proving when public raise voice, the Dictatorship automatically gets weaken".

"First of all, I am not a party supporter and thus don’t label me as a party mouthpiece. I just love Tripura, Tripurainfoway Editor and as a responsible person, I deliver my statements with data. My statements are always against few failed leaders under Govt of Tripura, not categorizing any party. So, first of all, I would stress upon the Health Care Facility of there”.

“It is quite sad that Tripura origin Doctor, Dr. Avipsa Das, who is working in UK, met her grandmother’s miserable ending in GB COVID-Centre. Dr. Avipsa Das also sent email to us and released a video statement of her. As a citizen of an independent country, it is responsibility of each of us to understand her family’s situation from humanistic ground. A Doctor who is from Tripura herself has exposed about the pathetic condition of GB hospital COVID-ward”, Saumen Sarkar told state. YouTube Video Link : TIWN Editor addressed Tripura live from USA on Tripura's Health Service's situations. 

“What she has written in email are all about mismanagement of the COVID-centre. Earlier, when Royal scion Pradyot Manikya shared the pictures of GB COVID-treatment centre, Biplab Deb’s fellows tweeted a claim of “Fake News”. So, my question is – What is Fake News ? A woman Bina Pani Roy died in false treatment and you are labeling this a Fake News ? In ICU, GB there is no Fan or AC ! Who has said this ? An UK based Doctor, passed out from AGMC. No cleanliness in GB COVID Centre is Fact ! Then her grandmother's PCR test resulted “Negative” after her death. It means, first they said, it’s a positive case and then after the old woman’s death, the test was negative”, said Saumen Sarkar.

“Now the matter is that Tripura’s Health Care system is broken. When the Doctor exposed the truth, Govt is claiming it as a Fake-News. Does Biplab Deb has any sense, how serious is the case of Bina Pani Roy ?? It’s a murder !”, said Saumen Sarkar.

“This is not the first one. From February month, there are shortage of Oxygen due to supply chain’s pipe’s leakage. Secondly, the dept failed to fix the issue even after much requests. 60 to 50 PSI pressure is must for oxygen for the COVID-19 Patients but they are not getting even 4”, Saumen Sarkar stated in his live video.

“GB hospital’s COVID-Ward’s oxygen shortage has caused around 40 deaths in GB COVID-19 ward. When we file news, Govt immediately attacks such news publications as a Fake News, but what would you say now ?"

"The State Govt is so insecure, that Govt has only one phrase in answer that is – Fake News. Tripura Govt also issued TIWN a notice under Disaster Management after truthful publication of – Dead-Body missing from GB hospital”, said TIWN Editor.

He also asserted that practically no Ventilator is given in GB COVID-19 care properly. These are not my statement but these statements are emerged from reports received from GB hospital itself. Around 11 ICU beds were to be shifted but till not it is done. This is the Hell of GB now !

Dr Avipsa Das's statement who said, IGM's 5 minute's Antigen Test is unbelievable as this test needs 15 to 20 minutes at least to give results : Dr. Avipsa Das, is now practicing in UK, a former student of AGMC said, she is hugely embarrassed by the situation at there. She also raised question on the “testing method” saying, antigen test’s result can never come in 5 minutes but at IGM they were quick to announce her as a ‘COVID-Patient’.

Dr. Avipsa Das said, “My grandmother Bina Pani Roy, had a fall in the bathroom followed by rectal bleeding. She was rushed to the IGM hospital and all of us were panicked as her condition was very serious. The rapid antigen test report came in 5 minutes which can not happen. It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes at least to come”. 

“She was taken to GB hospital after announcing COVID-19 positive, which is the only COVID-19 treatment hospital assigned in Tripura. At first she was given oxygen, which is very good step but that’s all and nothing was done more than then. Some doctors later came but there was no manager as investigator was sent. Is this because, she was COVID positive ? The basic management protocol nothing was there”, she said.

She then explained, how such a patient should be treated and how they are treated generally, saying, nothing was done for the patient.

She and her sister was inside the COVID ICU wearing PPE for next 3 days where no AC was there but amid suffocation, they were bound to stay there.

“Then they said if the patient is tested negative, then she will be sent to home. But it took 2  days and the patient was lying there without absolutely any care. Then finally she was declared as dead. Till then, she was in the dirty atmosphere and the test result was negative !!!”, Dr Avipasa Das said which will surprise everyone.

She also hit the authority how the dead-body was kept, thrown.

Her message was “cleanliness” which was absolutely missing, proper testing, proper management protocol was not followed.

“I am deeply embarrassed that being a pass out of this college, I had to face it. Other people should not face the same. Change has to be done”, said Dr Avipsa.  


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